How to heat a huge home?

In my neighboorhood They cut the heat because of construction work. My home is very cold. How do I heat it up so that it is warm and cozy and it is big like a mansion how do I heat up the whole home?

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I use electric ceramic heaters to heat up where I am. I run one at my feet at my desk, and a second one for other places.
It gets expensive to heat a whole home, but then I live by myself and only have to keep one room heated - which ever one I'm in. The remaining house I keep at a coolish temp.

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Yep, just heat the room/rooms you're in. Wear an extra sweater and keep the curtains/blinds/shutters and doors closed so that the heat gets trapped in the rooms where you want it. Then answer my 'what are you doing to save the planet?' question, because that's what you'll be doing by using less heating!

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Buy a little electric heater for each room. It may not be that cheap, depending on how many rooms there are, but it's better than being cold. I once used the stove to heat up my downstairs. I don't know?! My mom used to just say, "If your cold, put a sweater on!" lol

Stay Warm ;)

ANSWER #4 of 4 don't.

Why heat the WHOLE house? Close off sections of the home you aren't using, and use jess's space heaters in the remaining rooms.

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