why is my car bleeding?

It’s really cold tonight..like 8 degrees and my boyfriend went to go start my car for me. He said that when he turned the key it started but was spewing red fluid out the front grill. there was a puddle of it on the ground in front of my car and it was half foamy pink and half red. He said that a hose probably burst from my radiator or something. but when my transmission went, it looked like the same fluid to me, and I had to get a new transmission(5,000mi ago and $1,200). BOOO. HELP!

Answer #1

that’s your transmisson fluid… your transmission isn’t neccessarily blown, it could just be a hose

Answer #2

Thank God for that you are lucky my latest mechanic bill was over $700.

Answer #3

fuuuccckkk… more mechanic bills

Answer #4

Yep sounds like a transmission problem to me

Answer #5

I think it was…hopefully..I was driving on 3 inch high uneven ice today…how long does it take to fix a hose…if I get my car in tomorrow morning will it be done by the time I work at 4?

Answer #6

yeah definitely, at least it should be. it’s an extremely easy fix, I could do it myself lol

Answer #7

ahhh..went to the mechanic…power steering hose burst! 15 bucks hell yeah

Answer #8

Most likely one of the transmission cooling lines which go from the trans. to the side of one or the radiator expansion tanks has rusted through. You must find the source of the leak before driving the car again

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