Who agrees with me that abortion is wrong?

Who else on here agrees with me that abortion is wrong and is like killing an living being even tho if you get raped you can always give it up for adoption but abortion is wrong and you all know that, it is a human being and a beautiful thing am I right?

Answer #1

Abortion takes a Life.

Answer #2

Abortion as a method of birth control is deplorable. And I don’t think that ANYONE thinks that abortion is a great thing. Women aren’t lining up, excited at the prospect of having an abortion. BUT having said that, it is a woman’s right to choose.

To each of you that are completely against abortion under any circumstances, what are you doing to help these children that you INSIST must be born? Are you working for better education, free healthcare for the children, free childcare services, better social services for the mothers AND the children? Are you DEMANDING that sex education be taught in the schools? That birth control be available to women? Are you protesting that most health insurance will pay for VIAGARA pills for men, but won’t pay for BIRTH CONTROL for women?

Or is it JUST about pushing that baby through the birth canal? To hell what happens to it AFTER the birth? That, once born, it isn’t your problem?

Your arguments about banning abortion would go a lot further IF you backed it up with options. If you worked for easier adoption laws. If you wrote your elected officials and demanded that free childcare should be available. If you went to your school boards and DEMANDED that sex education programs be taught in your schools.

In other words… Get off your butts and practice what you preach. Work for a better world for these children that you INSIST must be born.

For those of you religious people who are against abortion, isn’t it said that god doesn’t close a door without opening a window? Well, maybe YOU should help open that window. Maybe god wants you to work for a better life for those babies that you INSIST must be born.

When you begin to help with the problem of unwanted pregnancy, and that doesn’t mean just saying it is wrong, we will listen.

Answer #3

“””Who else on here agrees with me that abortion is wrong and is like killing an living being even tho if you get raped you can always give it up for adoption but abortion is wrong and you all know that, it is a human being and a beautiful thing am I right? “””

I agree with twlight mom and some other people over here. I wouldn’t want to keep a baby if I was raped. I mean you have to go through birth and 9 months of hell, everyday reminding you EXACTLY why you are in such a position and then when it comes to the actual birth which is painful and take you weeks afterwards to recover. I’d rather have an abortion in that situation. Also what if you fall pregnant and while you’re pregnant you know that your baby has a serious defect which would prevent him from having any type of normal life? Abortion is personal and no one has the right to judge.

Also you say that give it up for adoption? do you know that VERY few children actually do get adopted? Especially in poorer countries.

But other than that, I think you are just looking for a fight. Abortion should be every womans own choice. It is their decisions to do what they want to with their bodies.

Answer #4

I did it because I became pregnant after being pack raped. I don’t like to say it but that’s just how it happened. It’s not just the fact that it was a traumatising experience but also I wouldn’t even know which guy was the ‘father’ as I was given so much alcohol I don’t remember. That makes me sound bad but I was young and very naive. Those were my reasons for doing it and I justified the decision to myself by saying that it would be traumatic to go through with the pregnancy. And that may have been true, but after having the baby I would have gotten over it and grown to love the child. Having done what I did just makes me feel horrible as I took away somebody’s chance at life. It wasn’t the baby’s fault how it was conceived. I took what many call the ‘easy option’ out of it but that is not true. It still haunts me. I have dreams about my baby and I feel unsettled around other people’s babies. I was pro-choice but having experienced it first hand I am now very anti-abortion. This is my own opinion, I do not hate that other people disagree. But if a young girl were to be considering doing it, I would strongly suggest otherwise as I know how it can affect you afterwards.

Answer #5

when a stupid girl opens up her legs and decides to have unprotected sex, knowing theres a big possibility she might get pregnant, or even if she does get raped like NERO proclaims abortion is still wrong.

Not all girls who fall pregnant did it willingly, some were raped. Not all people in the world is equally educated, so some girls fall pregnant without really knowing much about there bodies or reproductive systems. Some people have abortions when they find out that there babies have life threatening defects.

My mother had an abortion before she had me, if the child was born, he would have been mentally handicapped and possible brain dead, she had another 3 healthy children after that however.

You can’t generalize, it differs so much from person to person. I mean intense had one experience, someone else will have an all together different story and different circumstances. I still believe a woman should have the right to choose, I woud sure like the choice if I am in a situation like that.

Answer #6

I’m 14 and got pregnant and I dint get rid of them(I had twins) because I think it is wrong even to have an abortion or adoption.

Answer #7

yeah because there arent enough unwanted babies sitting in homes all over the world as it is are there? end of the day its a decision you and you alone have to make and nobody should be made to feel bad for making such a hard and life altering choice

Answer #8

So, if your heart stopped beating right now would you be alive? NO! your heart stops beating, you are no longer breathing…u are no longer ALIVE. At CONCEPTION there is NO heartbeat and the zygote is NOT breathing. No heartbeat, not breathing…not alive. And someone elses opinions are not STUPID! This web site is based in the USA and here we have the right to FREE SPEECH, and “sexy sommer” (?) you have no right to bash other peoples opinions. Intense, thank you for standing up for others opinions as well.

Answer #9

What have we become when we are willing to terminate a life in pursuite of our own selfish ambitions. Any G-d fearing man or woman who supports abortion is an abomination to G-d’s image. There is absolutly no reason why we cant make adoptions easier.
And technically life begins at conception, which I have proven on countless occasions that many have failed to find a logical argument to. G-d bless you iloveelmo, remember that in the fight against abortion if you change one persons mind about abortion, then you can rest easy knowing their is a living breathing child out there because of you.

Answer #10

yep I agree. but if you did get raped you wouldnt want to live 9 months bith a big fat reminder would you? or push out a baby that is only here because of one huge terrible horrible accident. one day the baby will come searching for you and you will have to say “oh um yeah your the result of me being raped.” poor kid.

I do agree with no abortions but it would be really hard in some circumstances for the person to keep the baby.

but with other stuff like pregnancy at 16 and stuff yeah I think its wrong.

Answer #11

Life starts with a heartbeat which is NOT present at conception tseirpent, that comes much later. No one knows exactly what they will do in a situarion until they are faced with it. And everyone has the CHOICE to do what they feel is right for them, and that is NO BODY ELSE”S BUSINESS!! Personally, I think you asked this just to instigate a huge reaction. Really, no one should react to questions like this (which actually was not a question, nor were you asking for advice) because since we do have a CHOICE why should we care what your opinion is anyway. you know what they say—opinions are like a**holes, everybodies got one. [¤=

Answer #12

but why u wanna go thro all sufferings, when you r raped… a single parent life is very tough…n thr are other circumstances like young teen age, family issues… so yes its wrong but is Okay dependingon situations…cheeers

Answer #13

I agree with you it is very wrong and I will never do it. How about you?

Answer #14

Technically it’s just a bunch of cells initially if you abort early.

Answer #15

Adoption isn’t always an option, especially for rape victims. Having the baby may cause them to relive their experience and increase emotional trauma during the pregnancy.

Ultimately, whether abortion is right or wrong is dependent on each individual. One person’s beliefs don’t trump another’s, and certainly you have to take into account every person’s rights.

Life is a beautiful thing, but technically it isn’t a human being until it’s developed to a certain point.

Answer #16

but you see,lets say the girl is 13.how she gonna keep the baby?I think abortion is a way to just cut the problem short

Answer #17

I thought it was okay if you really felt that was your only way out - so I went ahead and did it 3 years ago. Some people are okay afterwards but I was very very upset and even now I still think about it. The whole ordeal is extrememly unpleasant and upsetting and I would never do it again.

Answer #18

I’ts wrong regardless of anything traumatic happening to a young girl. It’s still another life. In the Catholic church we have much studies about what happens after abortion. Ask the one’s who’ve had one about their experience and what they think AFTER. See the one who already answered by experience…Intense says she didn’t feel right afterwards and wouldn’t do it again.

Answer #19

sexy_summer01 I can see you clearly have strong views on this issue, but you upset me with saying it the way that you did. People make mistakes. I am not a murderer. I see what I did was wrong but at the time when I was a young and very scared and upset teenager I did was I thought was right at the time. I am not stupid because I was raped. Show a tiny bit of f*cking compassion. I know you didn’t direct that at me but I needed to say that as I did the thing you are talking about so I can’t help but take it personally.

Answer #20

There is no particular point when life begins. The sperm is alive, the ovum is alive, the zygote is alive. The real question is when personhood begins. An embryo with fewer cells than a chicken is not a person. If its mother decides she wants a child it can develop into a person but at this point it isn’t.

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