Abortion right or Wrong?

What are your thoughts on Abortion is it a womans choice is it murder ? Does religion dictate some of our choices?

Answer #1

How come most guys say that girls shouldn’t get abortions?

Like they’re the ones who have to give birth to it.

Anyway, I think it’s the womens choice.

Simple as that.

Answer #2

Hmm the little thing growing also has the potential of becoming the next hitler…

As long as the fetus is part of the woman and cant survive on its own, I believe it remains the woman’s right…

Answer #3

Depends on situation, IMO.

Answer #4

ringleader8 , you think that - quote ‘think that when a woman is raped she should carry the baby to term and if she wants to give it up because that baby didn’t ask to be concieved and it won’t hurt her’ un-quote…get real! how could you ask a women to carry something that will be the product of a rape if she doesn’t want to? and who ARE YOU to judge?

and I know many mums who have children with ‘defects’ as you call it who would be appauled at the thought of terminating their child…and using the term’ mental retardation’ says a lot about you…learning disabilitys have been around since the year dot…

it is the mothers choice if she wants to have a baby or not, serial abortioners arn’t necassarily right (as in those who use abortion as the contraception)

but other than that, there is one person, the women who has to carry the baby…more importantly, the one who is going to have to support, feed, provide for etc etc…

no one can judge if abortion is right or wrong except the mum, and certainly not you ringleader8 - WHO ARE YOU TO SAY ‘I think abortion is okay in 3 situations’ I mean really!!!

god the arrogance of some people!

Answer #5

I personally think that abortion is murder and that its wrong… but I also think women should have the right to choose nomatter what I think about the issue… I think that abortion is ok in one of these situations

-If the woman is raped. -If the fetus puts the mothers life in jeapordy -If the woman has more then twins… thats a lot to handle

other then that I feel that abortion is totally wrong… but as I said… its the womans choice…

and trisarahtops your fricken stupid… most teen boys at least who get girls pregnant are teh FIRST to suggest abortion… my dad did that… and a lot of other teen guys who the subject gets brought up around think abortion is the greatest way to get out of getting a girl pregnant…

Answer #6

I think abortion is okay in 3 situations:

  1. The woman is pregnant with quadruplets, quintuplets, etc. Sometimes a woman must terminate 2 or 3 fetuses in order to make the pregnancy safer for her and her other babies.

  2. The pregnancy has endangered the woman’s life.

  3. There is a medical defect with the baby (ex. down’s syndrome, mental retardation)

I think that when a woman is raped she should carry the baby to term and if she wants to give it up because that baby didn’t ask to be concieved and it won’t hurt her.

Answer #7

YEs it is rong because you never know if dats going 2 b your only child or not. well that’s my opinion because just shuldnt.

Answer #8

sometimes an abortion is the only option for example…girls who have been raped, the condom broke, had holes in it, wasnt used properly ect or they arnt emotionally and physically ready to have a baby abortion isnt a good thing for teenage skanks who cant keep there legs closed and use protection though… but, for some girls ad women, its the only option on the other side abortions are done when the baby isnt aware that it exists, when its just cells formng and it could turn out to be a murderer, or the carrier ifof a rare disease that everyone gets, ect you never know who is going to change the world and who isnt so having an abortion doesnt really affect those decisions on the other hand… sadam husseins mother was advised to get an abortion by her doctor… once again though, its the only option for some girls and its there right to choose

Answer #9

It’s ultimately a woman’s choice, however I think, where applicable, the gentleman involved should have some say in it.

I personally would terminate a pregnancy at this point in my life, if I found myself in that situation. Sure, I’m married, hubby and I live comfortably enough, most would say we could deal with it. Yeah, we could deal with it, but to be honest, we don’t want to. A child is a commitment you take on completely for the next 18-20 years, before they leave home and build their own life. You want to be the best parent you can be, help them to grow into a full person, and to be honest, that’s not the type of parent I’d be any time soon. Some may think it selfish to terminate an embryo, take away its ‘life’ (if you can really call it that, as in the first trimester, when most terminations are carried out, it is not viable outside the uterus), I believe it’s more selfish to bring a child into the world when you’re unable to give it all the love and support it needs.

One could argue “It’s growing inside you, it’s a little life, it wants to live!”- well, I’m pretty sure a tapeworm is a little life growing inside someone, and it wants to live, but we get rid of those without much thought.

The reality is, no-one, of any religious affiliation or otherwise, is going to dictate to me what I can and can’t do with my body. Period.

Answer #10

It’s definitely a murky issue, as the capacities of a fetus are changing throughout development. I’d say that it’s pretty cut and dry before any neurons develop. At that point there’s nothing there to think or feel, so there’s nothing there to be a person.

Personally, I think that once a nervous system begins to develop you enter the realm of rights. Normally rights are attributed to entities in relation to their capacities. We recognize this in cases of brain death: If a person loses the capacity to think, another person is given all responsibility for them. It becomes legal to let them die by removing life support.

That doesn’t mean that those rights are inviolate though. If an entity has a capacity for pain, they should have the right to not have pain needlessly inflicted upon them, but we don’t avoid inflicting pain at all costs: Animals feel pain, but most people think it’s OK to kill them in order to enjoy meat. Some even think it’s acceptable to raise them in conditions that might be considered torture in order to increase yield.

I’d like to err on the side of caution. Based on essays I’ve read about EEG scans of fetuses, I think a reasonable cutoff might be from the middle to the end of the second trimester (aside from cases where the mother’s life is in danger). Of course that’s a personal value judgment, and not something that can be proved at this point.

Legally, I have a problem with people who want to legislate their strict beliefs on this issue. There’s nothing wrong with believing that a blastocyst has a soul, and you should be free to argue your opinion and refrain from abortion and certain contraception methods, but I don’t think you should be able to force others to conform to your religious views when there’s no evidence of personhood. The Jehovah’s Witnesses think that receiving a blood transfusion damns a person’s soul, but I think most religious people would agree that their belief shouldn’t be forced on the rest of us in the form of a law banning transfusions.

Answer #11

Independent of what you think about the morality of abortion (I pretty much agree with toadaly; and the law does too in most western countries), economists John Donahue and Stephen Levitt showed fairly conclusively in a paper of theirs (http://pricetheory.uchicago.edu/levitt/Papers/DonohueLevittTheImpactOfLegalized2001.pdf) and their subsequent book ‘Freakonomics’ that legalising abortion in the ‘70s in the US was the cause of a huge drop in crime rates in the 1990s - an entire generation of unwanted, poorly treated children who weren’t growing up to commit crimes.

So if you want to argue that women should not be allowed to have abortions, you have to accept that prohibiting it actually increases the crime rate. To be sure, not every unwanted child grows up to be a murderer, but enough to be statistically significant.

Answer #12

Well I am 13 and I am pregnant, I do not believe in abortions as to me it is killing a baby or human being, personally I could not live with myself if I had an abortion.

Answer #13

nothing to do with religion I think its wrong that little thing in your stomach has the potential of becoming the next president or somtin

Answer #14

Tell you the truth to me Abortion can be both right or wrong.Cause you don’t want to bring a child in this world and don’t take care of it and pass it along to someone else to do but I really think it’s a woman choice then you don’t want to kill a speechless human being cause that’s what it is now.

Answer #15

No-one but a religious nut would look at an egg that just got fertilized as a person. Yet almost all of us recognize a new born baby as a person.

Does it magically become a person the moment it’s born? Is ‘viability’ really the threshold?

Underlying this discussion, is the general failure to recognize that ‘personhood’ is a gray scale. A freshly fertilized eggs develops into a person over time. There is no magic threshold at which we can say “it is not a person 1 second prior to this, but it is 1 second after”.

The legal system sort of recognizes this gray scale, since abortion becomes more difficult to get legally later in the pregnancy.

Answer #16

it was just my opinion sooitca. like I said I think it is okay if the woman is in danger or the baby is sick. I think as long as there is a legit reason for the abortion (not, “I’m not ready for a kid”) like “it is a danger to my health.” or maybe if you have AIDS or something that you know will get passed on to the baby, then you should have that option.

Answer #17

I thought I had this post in another category sorry everyone but it does have some political latitude behind it,

Answer #18

Ringleader8: Since when is “I’m not ready for a kid” not a legitimate reason for terminating a pregnancy? I’d rather terminate a pregnancy, and be a ready and prepared mother for a later child, than to bring up that child in a home where I’m not emotionally developed enough to be the best parent I can be.

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