A Poem For Anti-Abortion. Opinions Please!

My hair is blond. My eyes are blue. I have 2 dimples. Just like you.

I am yet unborn. Your can’t see my face. But I’m already a person. The patterns in place.

You can call me an embryo. Or maybe just a fetus. But God creates us all intending to complete us.

There’s so much I have to offer. There’s so much I can give. If I just get the chance. So please let me live.

Answer #1

Very good and so true - if only given a chance at Life.

Answer #2

the poem is so good and its just emotional…I really loved it and it moved me…

Answer #3

Wow, that is very well written. Thankyou for shareing!

Answer #4

That’s an awful thing to put on here. God doesn’t even exist so we can do what we want with our bodies. Why have a child when you don’t have the money, the health and the stability to look after it. Abortion is an option for the removal of a parasite with the POTENTIAL to be a baby.

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Answer #6

thats sooo good. I loved it. but I think you should include something telling how the heart is beating at 24 days after conception, or that at two months after conception they have finger nails. just more information would make it a little more connected :D

but other then that I LOVED it!!

Answer #7

When do you and others here actually believe a baby is or becomes a baby? The only person here italianabella567 says when she actually believes a fetus is concieved and she says 24 days. Is it ok then for women to use what they call the morning pill? Is it ok for a woman who is raped to be given what they use to make sure that the woman does not get pregant? I myself would have a daughter that would be 4 years. old, she was born on Nov. 21, 04 and she past away Feb. 28, 05, except that she was unable to swallow, hear, speak, and see. She was born 4 months early. They also told me that the baby was going to be mentally ill. They said that the baby was not moving insinde her like she was supposed to be. They told us that if she would be born, if at all, there would be problems. When she was born she had to have a feeding tube blaced in her stomach and I was taught how to place a tube down her throut to to remove the fluid that kept filling up in her lungs. They told me that the way she would pass away would be fluid filling up her lungs, it would just be when and how long. My girlfriend that I lived with for the last 14yrs have now since broke up.

  I though believe that a baby is convceived as soon as the sperm and the egg connect but I do believe that a woman should be able to abort her child if there are certain things that would cause death or harm to the child.
Answer #8

I agree that abortion is wrong! I would NEVER get an abortion…EVER. With that point clear and made, I would also like to say that this is very wrong. This is trying to get woman to feel bad about themselves. Sometimes it is hard, they are a rape victim, too young(13!), or a deformity that would ruin its life. That is why I am Pro-Choice. Woman need the option! It is their body, they should do what they think is best.

And silverkashmir, Telling people God does not exist, is also REALLY awful. I myself do not believe in God, but why can’t others? You make it sound like Woman SHOULD get an abortion if it is just ‘not convenient’. Sorry, but you are being rude and acting as if no ones opinions matter,

Answer #9

Ok, so text comes across as rude. This is the internet. And the convenience thing! Excuse me, but if you don’t have money to support even yourself, the health to keep your baby healthy and a stable lifestyle you’re kid is going to be a basket case. Don’t you dare preach to me “whatintheworld” you have no idea what you’re talking about.

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