Which is better: 2010 Ford Expedition EL or 2010 Chevy Suburban?

Answer #1

Which ever one you like the best, I like the 2010 Chevey Suburban better because it seems to have more space and it just looks like my type of car. But it’s your choice which one you would like.

Answer #2

Well it depends on what you find better. Here are the advantages of the Ford: Ford Expedition EL Advantages:   Costs $ 2,380 less   Satellite Radio   Seat Memory   Automatic Transmission Standard   6-Speed Transmission (vs. 4) The suburban: Passenger and cargo room Towing ability Strong V-8 acceleration If you need to If you need to haul the heaviest loads and don’t mind a less cushy ride, it’s perfect. It has more durable suspension and drivetrain systems for heavy-duty use.

http://funadvice.com/r/bg4qcvlpv0d http://funadvice.com/r/14q2kfuve9i

Answer #3

chevy suburbian because chevys are good looking and they hold thier value and i know that cuz i have 1

Answer #4

I wld say Chevy.My mom used to have a suburban and it was great. I dont like Fords But Ford is one of the only “All American” cars left beleive it or not.

Answer #5

Ford will last longer then Chevy

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