18 and really want a baby

well im 18 I was pregnant when I was 17 and I was so happy my mum and dad were very supportive but I had a miscarrige so it left a hole in me I felt like it was a sign telling me im not ready for a baby mabye that sounds a little crazy but anyway im 18 now and cant stop thinking of having a baby I feel selfish because I got a boyfriend he is great but were not as series as I want and I havent got a good job I live with my parents I know if I did have a baby I would have so much support and money but thats not the problem I want a father for my child that I know is going to be there no matter every child needs a father and even though theres so many things telling me its not the time for me to have a baby there are so many more thoughts that are telling me yes im ready I love kids every one comments that il be a good mum but stil I really dont know what to do I want to get as much advise as I can please anything wil help thank u

Answer #1

This is for the younger Lady who had the miscarriage and is now having a few problems dealing with what choice to make. I would like to give My personal Opinion. I think the best thing for you right now, is to wait befor getting pregnant finish school, and go to college get a career that you want or at least a stabled job that you know you will enjoy and like for the rest of your life and then think about getting engaged or married. And then after a few more years discuss your feelings for your partner and how you feel about raisinga child together and bring in a new baby into this world. It’s a lot of work, it will not be easy and you can’t always relie on your parents to help take care of your child. It dosn’t work that way. Your the mother the babies father is the daddy you both raise it not your Mommy and daddy. It works best when your in your own home too. Because then you actually get your own privacy and then you don’t have a bunch on conflicted problems with both your parents getting in your way trying to rise your child the way they did you. But I do wish you the best and I know your older your caring, loving, and generous. All you want is a family, and to be loved by all. But I’ve been through the same problems as you. The only difference is I’ve never been pregnant befor but I’ve tried a quite a few times. And now I’m relieved the My fiance and I decided to wait. God bless you and your family, friends, and boyfreind I wish you both the best of luck. ~Love always Ashlie~

Answer #2

I’m 19 and also want another baby. My son died last year when he was 15 weeks old. He’d been through so much in his little life and was born 10 weeks premature. I know having another baby will not replace him and I do not want to replace him. I know I was such a good little mummy even though I was only 18 and 17 when I fell pregnant. There is a massive hole in my heart that will never be filled, whether or not I have another child. Being a mummy the first time round was hard, I had no money and was on benefits. Joshua was not planned but he was the best thing that ever happened to me. Don’t think that by having another baby everything will be ok because it won’t. Especially if you and the potential father are not serious. I am still with my son’s dad but we’re still not finacially ready for another baby, and neither is my body/mind. We had a miscarrige at the beginning of the year and it is your bodies way of saying it cannot cope. You will one day get married and have a baby with the love of your life. Do not rush into things no matter how much you hurt. I know what I’m talking about, you’re still young and should live your life first before you tie yourself down with children. I know I’m a hypocrit saying that as I’ve had a child myself and I wouldn’t change him for the world and will always love him from the bottom of my heart. Oh and childbirth is the most painfull thing you will ever experience and it is definately not the same down there after! I see where you’re coming from wanting a child but please do the sensible thing and wait, I am.

Answer #3

I think you should do what will make you feel the way you want to feel. My little sister had my neice when she was 15. She isn’t the best mom and that breaks my heart. I think she she would have actually wanted her when she got pregant things would be different. So listen to YOUR heart not other people!

Answer #4

I know how your feeling im going through the same thing, im 19 and have had a misscarriage. I’ve wanted to have a baby since I was 15. Everyone says I would be a really good mom and I do have a lot of experience taking care of kids. I’ve been taking care of infants since I was 11, I now have a 9-5 babysitting job for a 4 yr old everyday, I’ve taught preschool, and I run a nursery so ik that I could handle it, and after all that I still realy want a baby. If uk you can handle it and uk that you have the support from your parents and uk all the pros and cons, I say do what your hearts telling you to do. It will b really hard and a lot of work, and a lot of money.
P.S. You may want to make sure you have a father for the baby thats going to be in it with you 100%

Answer #5

I think it would be a good idea to wait and find the right guy. I suggest that you tell your boyfriend that your looking for something more serious and if he’s just looking for a fling thing… thats your choice from there, but, don’t get pregnet until you find him. The right guy. Family, money and smarts are the most important. I’m guessing you finished highschool? Smarts. Family that backs you up? Some family and money. And a job. But the last bit of that is a daddy to complete it all. Try getting serious with this guy or just find a new, more serious one.

Answer #6

hi, my name is steph, and im 19 nearly 20. me and boyfriend have been together for 4yrs naw and its going really well. I really want a baby with him we are trying everything but still no sign. I been off the depo 7mnths naw and I really hope soon I get pregnant. I love him so much and I know he will help me every way. we are planning marriage for this year. I hope it happens soon fingers crossed xxx

Answer #7

marriage is just a piece of paper, if your man is serious you don’t have to have a ring on your finger, I have 2 friends who had kids around 18 and they are happy as can be and they are in serious relationships, but not married. make sure you are able to live with and have a steady relationship before rushing into it. xxx

Answer #8

Go 4 a gangbang dear. Make it happen! :))

Answer #9

Hunnie, This is my opinion cuase my sister got pregnet at 17 && LOVE’s it. I think Maybe you should make a stronger reltionship with your botfriend first && Then sit down && talk with him about how serious you are about this. Its a great desision if your sure that thats what you want in life =]]

Answer #10

Hello I’m 21 and live with my 27 year old boyfriend. We want to get married and have children someday. Its been 2 years since we’ve been together and I still don’t have a ring on my finger. I want children so much, but I think he’s not ready. Should I leave him? Or is 2 years too soon and I’m the one acting too fast?

Answer #11

sweetheart GOD works in mysterious ways and beleive it or not everything including the sad things happen for a reason. You are so young still and have so much in life ahead of you. You have purpose and you may not know what it is yet but you will live your life and i guarentee you find what you were meant for . when the time is right you will not just be blessed with a baby but all the wonderful things that come with it. A good man who supports you not monetary but emotionally and agreat career and a beautiful home and car and if you dont want anyof those things , let me say this wait til your 21 hun because you have literally your life ahead of you and you do not want to be one of those moms that leave their kids at home with a babysitter every weekend..

Answer #12

Im not saying you shouldnt have baby. But you should at least wait until you are in a more serious relationship and have money of your own. My son is one years old and my parents are very supportive but there is only really so much they can do.

Answer #13

thank u guys my parents think im to young but they wil support me if i do have a baby and i really think its good to wait this site is great cassie hope ur doing oke thank u

Answer #14

your very young, and i can understand you want a child, but you should consider that even though you have the support from your parents, having a child is a real big responsibility in which requires a father and a mother to nurture a child.

however i get the impression that from what people are telling you that you will be a good mother, then maybe you will but i think their having an influence on your fantasy concept of having a child rather than the reality of having a child..

if you want to know what it’s like to have a child i think you should opt for a babyitting/nursery job to get an idea of what responsibilities are consisted of, of having a child of yor own.

Answer #15

Oh, another piece: wait for about 7-8 years and maybe you will have such a father for your baby. Or, get an old dude to watch after you! I say it’s better to play with the dolls instead of makind babies. i know you saw it’s possible, but still…think about it better. Or, you could post an announcement in the newspaper: “18 year old girl looking for a father for her future child. This announcement is 3 years old.” I hate saying that to young ladies, but this sucks!

Answer #16

If you really think that your boyfriend is going to care then trust your instincts. Ask him if he is ready to have a baby with you. If he says yes then go a head but if he says no then wait until the right guy comes along.

                                       sincerly Mariah
Answer #17

I would not even think about having a baby till your married

Answer #18

thanks for the advise guys but i got over that way of thiniing was just a lil thing i was going through im now studying beauty and happy

Answer #19

Listen to loveableashes and the others. They look more serious than me :D

Answer #20

Patience until you find the right person. A baby is not a teddy bear.

Answer #21

You guys all have valid points, but to the girl who was 17 and miscarried and now thinking about it again…YOUR AN IDIOT! There are a lot of people in the world who have thought like you and now there are a lot of kids in the world who dont have both parents in their lives, if you say it was a lil thing that you were going through then you are deff not ready you are just a stupid kid wanting a new toy!!

Answer #22

this is for chelsea hi there darlin I fell pregnant at 15 and my boyfriend was 18 but he didnt want it my parents said they would support me ith what ever my decision. I ended up getting an abortion it was probably the worst but best thing I have evr done becasue I was sooo very young but no I have a baby boy his name is kyle and my fiance and I are oo happy what im trying to say abortions will never make you infertile if they are professional and done through your doctor 18 is still too young to have a child but I have worked through it I got a job and saved every penny of my wages when I was pregnnt so make sure you have enough money and a steady relationship and your own place all the best too you all xx jess luton

Answer #23

wel thank u guys alot every bit of advise is great and chelsea think about it befor u do anything u might regret it its a hard choice to make but i really dont agree with your parents im sorry mabye they think there doin the right thing but really think about it

Answer #24

hi im chelsea im 15 and im pregnant my mum and stepdad r not supportive, me and my boyfriend really wnt this baby. but as my boyfriend is older thn me, mum has thretned 2gt the police involved if i keep it im scared i wnt b able 2 av kids l8r on if i gt rid so im tellin u tke the chance and b happy asong as uv gt the support x x x x

Answer #25

hi im cassie and i am 18 and just had a baby and i am telling u don’t do it u should wait i have no money i never get 2 see her her dad dosen’t care about her and it’s hard wait till u get married if ur smart

Answer #26

I have a good job i live on my own and i have a great bf and family im 18 and i want a baby i just want some opinions

Answer #27

thank u my parents dont want me to have a baby cause im to young but they will suport me if i do have a baby but yeah thank u guys for the advise it helpt me and cassie hope ur doin oke im gonna

Answer #28

Cassie knows what she’s talking about.You have to think about the future.. not only your’s but also your baby’s.. I’m really happy that your parents are so supportive of this.. but if you ask me they’re a little too supportive.. You shouldn’t be having babies so early in your life.. atleast not in today’s world.. And you also say that your current boyfriend isn’t so serious about this relationship so why do you wanna take a chance especially if its ur kid’s life we’re talking about.. you love kids a lot don’t you?.. and you say you haven’t got a good job.. why don’t you try working in a day care centre?.. that way you might get a taste of whats to come when you do get your own kids.. i do hope Cassie’s doing well right now.. So u think about what i said.. i hope it was useful.. Take Care..

Smiles, ~Kervin~

Answer #29

hi my name is Adrienne I’m almost 19, at university and have just found out that I am pregnant. This was not what I planned for myself, my parents are really supportive but in some ways I feel that I have let myself down. I have always had a good education and am on an extremely demanding and academic course. I will now have to drop out of university, at least until I can find one which provides child care. I am also moving back home because my ex-long term boyfriend and father of the baby is not willing to support my decision to keep it. I don’t feel ready to be a mother but at the same time I can’t bear the thought of having an abortion, it is not the fault of the baby that we were careless and I feel as an adult I should take responsibility for my actions. Although I am moving back home I refuse to rely on my parents which is why I have lined up several job interviews so I can financially support myself and my child. I feel that I have wasted the opportunities I have been given in life and although I will always love my baby, its not what I would choose if I was given the chance again. Sorry for the ramble but I just want to make it clear. Go and make something of yourself, see the world, find the person you want to be with forever and always..and then have a beautiful baby you can be proud of and support and give all the opportunites in the world. This is what you can do for the best…a baby is forever and you have plenty of time to have a baby. thank-you for listening Addie x

Answer #30

Hi there my name is Christine, I’m 18 and I miscarried on the 21st of june at about 6weeks..It was the worst experience ever and I don’t wish that happening to my worst enemy.When I found out I was Pregnant I was almost in denial,thinking I could never be capable of creating something this precious in life. My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 3 years and known each other for 4. He’s got a good job and our relationship is strong..We want to try again for a baby, but I’m terrified of my mother’s reaction when she finds out for the second time, the first time she almost forced me to get an abortion.. What should I do? Should I try again and only tell her after the 12th week when the risk of another miscarrige is lower or should I forget the idea? I also just want to know if I should, When can we try again? I’ve had a period ( I think) about a week or so ago?

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