How do i stop my cat from peeing on the oven

My cat is 2 years old and is also fixed and has been peeing on my oven. I have tried different things but she dosent stop doing it she also pees on the walls in the kitchen and on the jug. She has a litter box inside the house but she dosent use it that often as she goes outside to go toilet. She has a cat door to go outside so its not that she cant go outside to go toilet and she is the only cat at my house. I also make sure the neighbour hood cats are scarded away with water. Can someone please tell me why this is happening or how to stop this im getting sick of cleaning out my whole oven to cook tea.

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Get the vet to check her for a urinary tract infection

There's sprays you can buy to turn them off, and you need to make sure that the oven doesnt smell, or she'll keep coming back

Try these
Get an additional box
Make sure box is not in high traffic area (I.e. not where loud noises occur, or where people are a lot)
Try uncovered box
Try covered box
Try another type of litter (only in new box!)
Clean out box regularly - like everyday
If all else fails, try the vet

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And what burn the house down real brainy

My cat wont stop

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Make sure the oven is always on!

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