Do i have a good singing voice or am i a joke?

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your defiently NOT a joke i think that you sounded really good however you sounded really nervous of the video don't give it up you sound good :)

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I am gonna sound like one of those judges probably but this is my honest opinion. I think you are brave to post that video and braver than most and should keep going as it will make you more confident. The problem is that you took a really familiar and recognizable song by one of the best female voices and when people hear it they will not take anything else unless it sounds like Adele. You have good tone over all so don't give up. :)

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I just watched / listened and I found nothing wrong with it. Actually it was wonderful. You were putting your heart into it. Your voice is very good. One of the things that makes music so great is that we can each put our own signature to it. Your signature was very legible and I might have to listen to it again.

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Your mint....I hate the original but liked that.....I would love to hear you sing something rebel, or something of your own....I reckon that "I wish i was a Punkrocker with flowers in my hair" song would sound great from you...thats the song i thought of when i heard your voice,if you try it let me know,would love to hear it.

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will do , i like that song:)

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I think you ahve a wonderful voice. I wish I had a voice like that! But if I could give you any advice, it would be that I noticed when you have long notes, it goes dead then comes back again. Keep the notes persistent & noticable instead of up and down. Do you understand what I mean? It would REALLY improve the quality of your voice :)

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I like it.

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Well the best advice I got when I started singing professionally was "belt it Goddamit, sing it like you mean it what the hell are you afraid of?? And I think it translates rather well in your case. You got the tone, right up until the chorus "nevermind ill find" is a bit out of tune and the restraint of your voice is to blame. But good nonetheless.

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