Wrong to eat meat

do you think its wrong to eat meat (this is for everyone

Answer #1

Nope. Eat… MEAT! yum!

Answer #2

We kinda need meat to survive. I dont eat pork because I dont like it lol

Answer #3

u dont eat any meat or just no pork?

Answer #4

I love meat!!! yeahh im guilty lol

Answer #5

I don’t eat ANY pork. I was in a animal science class, and we raised baby pigs, then had to watch them get slaughtered at the end of the year. It was horrible. I haven’t eaten any since. Meat has a lot of protein, but we can do without it.

Answer #6

certain regions fo the planet require that we eat meat- it would be kind of difficult to eat plants when you live in the arctic. to survive in colder climates you need a lot of calories to keep warm- that energy comes from animal fat- and animals are in constant supply in the colder regions. a vegan diet would not fly where there is snow. (and no supermarkets)

I enjoy eating meat- I enjoy hunting- and providing my own supply of meat.

Answer #7

As a meat eater I say no! We eat meat because thsats the way teh world goes. For example, foxes eat rabbits, so humans eat chickens. I dont thnk it is right to kill animals for luxuries such as fur or ivory or kill endagered animlas but I beleive meat is an important part of our diets and nothing can substitute not only th protiens but most importantly the vitamins it provides which vegetarian food can lack and laso it tases good!

Answer #8

I dont like to but I have no other choicemy parents force me to eat meat, kinda sucks because I think its wrong.

Answer #9

im a meet eater but feel soo guilty

Answer #10

Just no pork

Answer #11

I don’t eat chicken for a lot of reason,meat,I do think it’s wrong cause we’re eating a dead animal that lost it’s life just to fill people’s stomachs,I think it’s pretty sick,I don’t eat meat as much as I used to.

Answer #12

well as being a vegetarian I think it’s wrong to eat meat. the animals are living things, like us. it’d be like them eating us, not nice :].

Answer #13

no, I like meat, especially chicken but I do beleive the animals being killed need to be treated more fairly they need bigger enviroments to keep them, better food and more humane ways to kill them them

Answer #14

I eat meat. if we didnt eat somethings then they would get over populated and to just kill them would be wrong. However I did go without eating meat for about a year and I got very sick. So I started eating chicken again and slowly started eating other meat again. basically the only meats I eat is chicken and deer and the occasional beef taco.

I think its strange how people can be very supportive of animal right and still support abortion.

Answer #15

I think it is wrong to eat meat, considering the way the animals are killed.

libbyduh, you said “I think its strange how people can be very supportive of animal right and still support abortion.”

People fight for animals rights because they are brutally slaughtered in abattoirs. They are not killed humanely and they almost always go through a lot of pain. A foetus, however, does not feel pain. It does not even know life, let alone have one, to know that it is being taken away.

Answer #16

I don’t support how many animals are killed I think its cruel and punishable by law. but I know that better than to think babies can not feel pain. if you make the slightest wrong move they begin crying, if they scratch they face with their fingernail, it swells and may bleed. Why would being inside the womb be any difference? Have you seen any procedures of abortions? there are defiantly not humane in anyway. Have you seen the “fetus” after an abortion? Babies are completely innocent and have done nothing wrong to anyone and still there are around 4000 slaughtered everyday in america alone because of inconvenience. Please before you post something else mean and hateful, google aborted babies, or something of the sort and so how abortions are performed. If may change your mind.

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