What do you think about people who eat raw meat, and refuse to cook it?

I’ve heard of several people who only eat their meat raw. They refuse to cook it, because they believe eating the meat raw is healthier.

Is it healthy? Honestly, the thought of eating raw meat disgusts me. I like my chicken, steak, beef, pork, etc…cooked.

Aren’t there diseases you can get from eating raw meat? I don’t see how it is healthy.

What are your thoughts on this, and is raw really healthier?

Answer #1

It is not healthy because it only takes one bad piece of meat to ruin ur life

Answer #2

Yes, you can get very sick from eating raw meat! I think it’s disgusting! I actually don’t know how people can casually chomp on raw meat! I find it repulsive.

Answer #3

depends on the meat, colby beef is so pure because they pamper the cows and feed them healthy stuff thier whole lives, you can literally eat it raw.

Answer #4

Many people who follow the raw meat diet claim that it helos them lose weight, gives them energy, etc. Also, they provide certain B vitamins that are hard to get in other foods, improve hormonal and reproductive health and contain crucial enzymes. So there are some benefits, but I’m not completely convinced it’s safe. I couldn’t do it, personally. They say there’s certain meats you can eat raw safely, but most of our society has been taught that even somne pink left in your meat could be harmful. I can’t imagine eating any meat uncooked.

Answer #5

Don’t take this the wrong way but the correct speeling is Kobe meat

Answer #6

You can get sick from eating anything raw or cooked, including fruits and vegetables, depending on where you get your food. Anything can become contaminated or contain food born illnesses. As for meat specifically, it’s one of the more risky foods to eat in any form. Raw meat certainly can contain pathogens, and since most meats go through some kind of processing, meat products can become infected from handling and preparation as well. There are many cultures around the world that eat raw meat and doing so has been shown to contain certain nutritional benefits. But then again, most of the cultures that eat raw meat regularly don’t get that meat from processing plants or chemically fed stocks. If you are going to eat any meat, raw or cooked, it’s best you be extremely picky about where you get it. Or, perhaps avoid it as much as possible.

Answer #7

If the meat is organic and clean and not diseased or whatever then it’s perfectly safe. Carpaccio is a dish mad of raw beef. It’s served in restaurants. If it wasn’t safe then would the FSA clear it for service in restaurants? There’s always a risk when eating any food that it might be slightly off, or infected or whatever, so the risk is not much different to eating cooked meat. It’s only because it goes against social conventions that people automatically go “eww, nope. it’s nasty. it’s not safe. get it away from me.” I haven’t personally tried it, but if the opportunity arose I’d probably give it a go. I know people who eat their meat raw and they’re perfectly healthy. Also, there’s not much difference in having a raw steak and a rare one; with rare the meat in the middle is still raw! But remember that’s it’s not chicken that people are eating raw. I believe it’s only safe with red meat as opposed to white. With white you have the chance of salmonella.

Answer #8

My father had a friend who died of worms to the brain due to repeatedly eating raw meat, especially raw ham. Due to seeing that I would never eat it.

Answer #9

It only takes one contaminated needle to give you an infection, does that mean you shouldn’t get injections? It only takes one slip to fall of a platform, does that mean you shouldn’t get trains? It only takes one retarded terrrorist to crash a plane, does that mean you shouldn’t fly? There are risks in every aspects of life, a bit of raw meat really isn’t the worst of your worries.

Answer #10

I find that so disgusting and it makes my stomach turn

Answer #11

Depends on the meat. Meat from healthy cattle is pretty safe; there is steak tartare which is made with raw ground beef and I know lots of people who eat their steaks so rare they are almost entirely raw on the inside. Beef is cooked as a precaution. Chicken on the other hand has to be thoroughly cooked. While most raw beef would not hurt you raw chicken will make you ill 100% of the time. One of the sayings I heard when I got my health card to work at restaurants was “fowl is foul” A lot of seafood can be eaten raw as is the custom in sushi.

Answer #12

Although I don’t believe that raw meat is necessarily healthier or safe, I do prefer raw meat taste wise. I love the taste of raw beef, chicken, turkey, and many fish and crustaceans. As a child I used to sneak raw meat while my mother was preparing dinner. I know its not the safest, but sometimes I do indulge….. Just thinking about it makes me hungry! lol

Answer #13

Not chicken and turkey?? They can make you seriously ill, I guess you’ve been lucky :|

Answer #14

Raw fowl is especially unsafe. And you really can’t guarantee that none of these meats were contaminated in a slaughterhouse. You should probably just cook the meat…

Answer #15

Or get it organic.. or hunt it yourself..

It’s a preference. It gives a different taste, texture -everything. It’s like eating a different thing. You can say to people “you probably shouldn’t smoke” but they’re going to do it anyway. Life is full of risks - we’re all going to die some day!

Answer #16

I think I’ve been very lucky! I do cook my meat, I just prefer the taste raw. I don’t do it much at all anymore, but sometimes I squeal with delight when my chicken is undercooked.

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