How to start writing an autobiography?

I was wanting to write my autobiography. I wanted to know how I should start…In what person should I write? How should I organize it? Has anyone ever attempted to write a life story before?

Answer #1

put that a question like did this eva happened ta you and well it did ta me and really jst go from there explaining on wht happened fa ma essays I always start wit a question

Answer #2

years and days ago my life bagan new.

Answer #3

I’ve thought about doing one too. I wouldn’t know where to start or how to write it.

Answer #4

start with a quote than write about you …

Answer #5

section one should be all about you section two, talk about the fam section three, answer 30 or more questions about yourself section four, talk about the past, or maybe where you think you’ll be 5 - 10 - 20 years in the future. section five, talk about your thoughts ex. I get angry when.. I feel love when.. I feel happiness when.. I feel sadness when.. I wish.. I put trust in..

section 6, appendix- include your previous awards, honors, etc.

—HINT— Design a neat cover, make it show your personality. Try photots, newspaper clippings, magazine illustrations, mementos, anything that expresses you.

—An by the way… this advice came from a 15 yr old :P Enjoy, hope you like my layout for an autobiography.

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