How can I force myself to start writing my book?

I have everything I need to start writing my book. I have the plot map, all my characters, their families, etc., but for some reason I can’t force myself to write it. I have about six pages right now but whenever I go to write it it’s like I have writer’s block. I really want to write this book, but I guess I want to write the fun parts and not the beginning. What can I do to force myself to write?

Answer #1

I think the word[force]is your problem. Let your characters speak for themselves. When they have something to say, they will wake you even from a sound sleep to tell you. Write it down right away,and treat it as a gift.

Answer #2

Well I have the same problem you do (didnt even plan it out LMAO!!!) but what I do is I imagine my story as a movie and write down the beginning from what I see in my thoughts it helps for me I hope it works for you 2!

Answer #3

Well, if you want to write the fun parts first, that’s perfectly fine. That could actually help you get started in the book that your trying to write. Many authors admit that they don’t write their books in order, and instead jump from scene to scene to help them think more about their plot. I, also, do the same thing. I’ve once written a book with 200 pages, but I could not, for the life of me, go in order. Once I wrote the fun parts, I was more motivated to finish the book, so later on I would fill in the not-so-fun-parts. So anyway, just write the book in your own way, I’m sure it will turn out fantastic. :)

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