How can I actually finish a story I start writing?

I’m an aspiring writer, but only one problem: I get halfway through writing one, and I get bored and quit! Does anyone have the same problem and/or ideas to help me write?

Answer #1

Before writing your story, write what you want to happen for each section or chapter. Use your outlines as a guide - they are not commandments; you can mix it up as much as you want but at least this way you should be able to write something down.

If you have problems starting a story as long as you have your outlines you can try writing the parts you like first, (for example an action section as opposed to a narration).

When you do your editing you can adjust parts accordingly.

Hope this helps.

Answer #2

that’s the same thing with me. i ge half way through a story and i get a better idea. So i stop writing it. i think we should just write down the ideas from stories and then just choose the 1 that is the best.

Answer #3

has any body read the twilight seires by stephenie meyer. thats the kind of thing I want to write but I can’t find any insperation so yea I’ll start to write one and then I think it’s stupid so I give up

Answer #4

that happens to me to…

Answer #5

If a book is good, it requires no thinking. It writes itself.

Answer #6

It is called Writers block! The best thing to do is give yourself a date it has to be finished by, your brain will do the rest.

Answer #7

thanx. :-)

Answer #8

i have exactly the same problem.. i think its all bout motivation. it has to be strong

Answer #9

i have the same problem. it’s not about creativity. i just get bored and sometimes don’t put it on paper. i was seeking for help too

Answer #10

You can’t force creativity.

Answer #11

me 2!!!

Answer #12

Write shorter ones? I do this all the time too…

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