Would you dump a partner if you found that they were taking drugs?

I know for a fact I would…I wouldn’t want someone like that around me..They could pressure me into it and I wouldn’t want to be with someone who is damaging their body like that. If I loved them a lot and I had been with them for a few years then I could imagine trying to get them to stop but if they felt like I was ‘controlling’ their life then I would definitely finish with them.

Answer #1

Oh wow, this brings up memories. Dredges up, is probably a more proper term.

It wasn’t a relationship, as it were, but my brother who used hard drugs. I learned a lot from that one. Events which occurred still affect my decisions to date in relationships I’m in.

When I was 16, my older brother died from a heroin overdose. We knew he’d been smoking pot, had no idea he’d been involved with harder stuff. We tried and tried to get him to stop smoking pot and drinking, but he would have none of it. It seems to be a trend I’ve found, that people on drugs will do what they want, regardless of what the people around them have to say.

In every further instance, whenever I’ve gone out with a girl, it’s a subject which is brought up. I explain to them my point of view, and let them know I’d never date anybody who was seriously involved with drugs.

It would kill me (quite literally) if I lost someone else I loved for such a selfish and stupid reason as drug abuse again.

Just my $.02…

Answer #2

Well, my ex-boyfriend Kenny did drugs hard for about 2 years, and I stayed with him the whole time he was on drugs and he never pressured me into doing drugs, but at the end of our relationship drugs became the only thing important to him and that is what ended our relationship…So no I would not dump someone because they are on drugs until drugs become most important to him…(He has been clean for a year and he and I are bestfriends)…we are also friends with benefits…lol

Answer #3

well if they dont quit the drugs I would elave 4 a bit and see if they change their ways…when they do drugs it tends to make their life nadppl aroudn them harder

Answer #4

umm… I depends. I have a really good friend who does drugs but I still love him. I know that he would never pressure me into that because he respects me and my decisions. so I respect him 2. even if I dont agree with what he does. if we ever went out I wouldnt dump him because of that. if I did dump him (and it had anything 2 do with drugs), it would probably be that he pressured me 2 do it (which he wouldnt), if he ditched me 4 drugs, or if he asked me for drug money (he wouldnt do any of those things, but im talkin about in general. he doesnt do drugs often. and I think that if you tried 2 talk them out of it and they really loved u, they would listen or at least consider it.

good question!

Answer #5

Thanks lol..it was pondering on my mind since I saw a poll for the question on the talk2frank website.. :)

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