would the drugs still be in my system after 6 hours?

after 6 hours would I b able to pass a drug test if I had been taking cocaine and smoking pot?

Answer #1

cocaine 2-4 days to clear weed a month for a heavy user

Answer #2

Sorry about that.Cocain stays in you sysstem 1 or 2 day and weed 2 to 5 days.And if you are a heavy user up to 30 days.

Answer #3


no chance for a pass now. sorry. drugs can linger in your system for quite some time…especially if you’re a consistant user. its going to show up.

Answer #4

oh god… sh!t I took them bout 6 hours ago from now and the test is in bout 4 hours! im not going to pass it am I?

Answer #5

yes but how long would it take for them to not be in my body if anyone knows please tell me because I have a outstanding drugs test in just over 4 hours and I need 2 know how long it will take or if there is a way to get my system clean!

Answer #6

Um no. theres nothing you can do. You shouldnt be doing drugs in the first place, it doesnt make you look cool. and definitely not smart. Most GOOD jobs(if you go to college) require you to take a polygraph, and they ask you if you’ve ever done drugs. How good would that sound if you failed it? No that good. But no marijuana lasts 30 days minimum, even if you drink a lot of water and excersize daily, and take niacin. and cocaine goes to your brain stem(your medulla oblongata) which controls everything you do. and it stays up there for life. Sorry, my dad is a DEA. so I know a lot about this.

Answer #7

I thnk it would be still in your body

Answer #8

how long though?

Answer #9

It stays in your system a lot longer then that.

Answer #10

is there nothing I can do to make it go away in 2 hours?

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