Will the doctor know that I take drugs and smoke?

I want to go see the doctor to see if anything is wrong with me but im scared if I do because I take drugs and do cigs but do you think I will get caught

Answer #1

if for some reson he dose something and finds drug in you he may tell your parents if your under 18 and there there in the room but other than if there afecting your problem he wont say anything and he cant say anything know mater what becuse theres doctor patiat confedentialay if he says anything you could sue him

but he could tell your parents that is legal but thats it

Answer #2

Doctors have to hold everything confidential. unless you have AIDS or an infectious disease, then don’t worry about it. and just think if it this way, the doctor has probably seen a lot worse.

Answer #3

Doctors are not gods or the law. They have no business telling you what you can and can’t take. People put them on way too high a pedestal. Be as honest as you want - it’s not the doc’s job to judge you or “catch” you.

Answer #4

I think if their is a problem you should see your doctor. Unless you do a test your doctor will probably not find out about the drugs. Although drugs are very harmful and if you need help with them your doctor would be the best person for this.

good luck=) xx

Answer #5

If you are going for a full blown physical, most likely the Dr. will know everything about you through your blood work.

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