Do people care about child abuse?

ok so a couple of days ago I posted a poem about the innocent children who are harshly abused aka child abuse and asked people who believed it should be stopped reply yes and I only got 4 yes’s and I am really disapointed! I mean comeon people is it true that only 4 people support me on this???

Answer #1

I definetly support you! =)

Answer #2

I totally support you! Child abuse is cruel and wrong and should most definitly be stopped!

Answer #3

Can some one explain too me what exactly, child abuse is. I know it’s a dumb question Say if I do something wrong, or bad my dad kicks or hits me, but thats not child abuse because im 13 so is like beating up some little kid and putting them in hospital child abuse??

Answer #4

Of course I think it is horrible. I don’t really know how I can stop it though. Tell me about a little child that is being abused and I would be more than happy to give the child a loving home. A nice stable home where the child is appreciated. I know they are out there but, I don’t know how to find them.

Love, Michelle

Answer #5

f*ck dude..anyoen ever hits my kid and so help me goodness!!! ahhh I would go crazy!! I would go crazy if I ever saw anyone hitting a child!!!

Answer #6

I’m with you , child abuse is SO wrong , you look at this poor , innocent child that was abused and you think “ how could anybody hurt this child ? “ and it’s REALLY sad

Answer #7

there’s a lot of us cared but seldom of us take an action to save this children.pls. post your poem…just want to know how worse the situation of the children there and compare it here…thanks!

Answer #8

I also support you in that child abuse is wrong. But I did not read your poem, sorry You should post it again to get more response.

Answer #9

It is not you I suport but the effort that you are putting. Child abuse is and always will be messed up and I am hoping one day it will just be a word and nothing more.

Answer #10

I totally agree with you. when I look at my little man, and see how tiny and helpless he is…I just don’t see how people could beat there children they can’t even fight back, it just breaks my heart to know that people can do such horrible things to innocent little children. :(

Answer #11

I HATE child abuse!!! It so wrong. Sometimes I think my nephew is a child abuser. But he really isn’t. He’s only 3 and doesn’t know better. He’s just mean to his little sister thats all. I totally support you!

Answer #12

No I definately support you. I’ve had to experience the abuse first hand and know the dangers and cruelty of it. I am very happy to see that you are taking a stand for issues like these that you believe in. Good job.

Keep it up.

Answer #13

Of course lots of people care about child abuse. It is so wrong.. I’m sure everyone on funadvice has to heart to feel sympathy for children who are abused.


Answer #14

wow! guys thanx so much I did this so I would no how many people cared…im only a teen!!! its going to be hard to do everything some of you guys told me to…and I dont just sit here and cry…at least I made an effort!

for everyone else who simply said yes they support me thanx!

I just wanted to help people relize something…by doing this I hope somebody somewhere read this and relized that it is wrong!

one is a ton!

Answer #15

A lot of people who see poems and such posted, don’t bother to reply since there’s no real question. Don’t think that people don’t care about child abuse. We do care! Especially those of us who have had first hand experience with this kind of abuse. Whether it be being molested, neglected, or hit.

Having experienced child abuse first hand, I totally support you! And I hope that anyone out there who reads this and is being abused by ANYONE will get help.

Answer #16

dude what are you gunna get out of having people agree with you on this subject on this site

you should instead go out and make some actions on stopping it instead of crying because people didn’t agree with you, people do care but not just answering your question


Answer #17

thanx guys^

Answer #18

If you really want to make a difference, then chain mail is not the way to go. Write your congressmen and try to get child abusers jail sentences lengthened. Just having someones approval or support about the way you feel isnt going to change anything and it definately wont stop children from getting abused or killed which happens like every 2 seconds or close to that..

Answer #19

I support you!

Well, I’m 13, so I’m a child…

But I still support you! :)

Answer #20

I agree with you. any kink of abuse is horrible. the worst thing about it is that it will never be stopped.

Answer #21

I can’t stand when people beat kid. It wrong

Answer #22

I support that..child abuse is bad..its sad 2 that people can do that

Answer #23

I Think Your Comptply Right Child Abuse is somthing that is wrong I Started a gruop last year (off line) to go against it

Answer #24

no, maybe you put it in a time where many people weren’t on or they simply didn’t bother to answer the question.

Answer #25

ok I am supporting you now

Answer #26

I agree! people should look out 4 child abuse! its so cruel and mean

Answer #27

ok I support you now

Answer #28

No!! I definetly support you!!! :)

Answer #29

I shud hope so!

Answer #30

If you would like to hear a very touching story about child abuse read A Child Called It. There are two books that follow and it has a happy ending. Don’t want to spoil much of the book, but some of the things this mom does is make her child eat amonia, Sit outside in winter after a bath, and make him eat table scraps from the trash. That’s only the tip of the iceburg.

Psyical abuse is awful, but don’t forget psycological abuse, which can have worse and longer lasting effects on the child.

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