Does the Ouija Board work?

do oyu think the wigi board really works?

Answer #1

OK, im just going to clear this up right now.

Ouija boards DO work if treated properly. if you keep it in the closet and only use it every few years or so, then your right when you say it’s a load of BS. in this case it is what I call “tainted”, as in cannot be used properly. but if you treat it right then you should start getting results.

now this is usually the part where I tell you how to “cleanse” it so you can use it. instead I will tell you what I HOPE your thinking. if you didn’t know to cleanse it in the first place then you SHOULD NOT be doing this at all. believe what you want but do not think that action will not create a reaction, be it good or bad or whatever.

if you want to get technical then most likely what most people deal with when they use a “tainted” Ouija board is what it called an “imp”. it’s a lame little excuse of a creature that devotes its existence to annoying anyone it can. it’s a trixter by trade. don’t worry about an imp because all it will do is try and scare you.

but if you really want to use a Ouija board properly, then I suggest finding someone who KNOWS what they are doing. not some girl who says their Wiccan because they read a book about it, but someone who can tell you the difference between Adonai and Asmoday…if you know what your talking about then you know those names.

I have been looking into things magickal (I spell it with a “k” so as to differentiate it from “card magic tricks”)for about six months, including elemental magick, demonic conjuration, astral projection. long story short, I kinda know my way around this stuff.


Answer #2

As far as having any innate power, NO NO NO. But if you let it freak you out, it has exactly the amount of influence that YOU allow it to have.

Answer #3

I think you mean “Ouija.” If by “works,” you mean “provides entertainment,” then yes, it works exactly as a board game is designed to work.

If by “works” you mean “can be used to contact the dead,” you might want to give the dead a little more credit than that and Milton Bradley a lot less credit than that. If you believe that a 75-cent piece of cardboard and plastic sold at Kay Bee Toys can be used as an effective conduit to the spirit world, why wouldn’t anything else work just as well? You’d be served just as well to light some candles and try to contact your ancestors with an extension cord and a packet of baby carrots.

Answer #4

it dose work and I will never try it again

Answer #5

I’ve never tryedit gtg bye

Answer #6

doubt it

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