Ouija Board Anyone?

ok, so has anyone played with a a ouija board? I saw one @ my mom’s house and I asked her if I could borrow it for a sleep over with osme of my friends. she got all tense and told me if she ever did anything to that board it would be burning it. she said she used it once or twice with her friends a long time ago and regrets it still but she won’t tell me what happened. I’m not big on the whole ghost thing an di’ know she’s just trying to scare me but I want to try it with some friends anyway just for kicks. has anyone ever tried it and had it work? please share your stories I’d love to hear!! thanks bye!!

Answer #1

Well,Im honestly kind of torn on this. I’ve used one of these,and I had some pretty creepy results,but its hard to believe that your actually connecting to another spiritual world through a board game. Anyways,I’ve used one once,about 2 years ago,at mybest friend’s aunt’s house.It was a few night aorund halloween,so we decided to do a seyonce,just for kicks.none of us were eally expecting anythng to happen.We had candles lit,and we had the oujia board out on the floor,while we sat around it.We started out by all holding hands and asking if any spirits would like to speak out,ect. Nothing happened,so we just used the Ouija Board,I dont really remember anything we did with it,except for this one point,where we asked it somehting,and a painting in the kitchen actually fell off the wall. Now,I dont know if it was coincidence or if it was really a spirit,but It was pretty darn creepy,and it scared us all.

Answer #2

my mother told me about it to she said it connects you with other spirts I believe it because bad things happend when she used it I wouldnt mess with it because you could connect with the wrong spirit

Answer #3

omg works!!! I had to make my family moove because of mee

I still feel someones with mee, hears the story

I did it and I was down stairs and called for my mom and she answered, buttt when I went up stairs she wasnt there! it was really a ghost who said it

and when I tried to throw it out it came back into my room in one peicee

dont mes with it.

Answer #4

your mum probably doesnt want to talk about it because it scared the absolute * out of her and she doesnt want to think about it.

it lets evil spirits and demons in. I have posted a few times about these boards. they are evil using one is bad news you will regret it like your mother. do NOT do it they arent fun they arent lil kids games. they are seriously dangerous

.. you want to try it for some kicks? well you will be getting more than kicks I can assure you… you might end up dead. dont take this as a joke because its not. just dont do it

Answer #5

My mom deffinately diesn’t believe in ghosts but she still won’t let me play with a ouija board because there are evil things out there and a ouija board is one of the ways you can use to let them into our world. I do believe in ghosts and I have a friend who tried using one just for kicks and she let a ghost into her house and it took her forever to get rid of it. Wierd things that can’t be explained still happen at her house.

Answer #6

Don’t do it. It is not just a game it is a gateway to let bad things in. Listen to your mom.

Answer #7

There’s nothing to the ouija board. It’s “controlled” by people’s unconscious mind. Nothing evil or immoral there.

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