What's the worst you've ever gotten hurt, like, physically?

I broke my thumb last year, and my dentist poked me in the eye with pliers because he was trying to pull my tooth and I was terrified so I was flailing my arms and freaking out.

Answer #1

umm..trying to empress my friends by doing a turtle toutch,..ended uo busting mii a$$..also trying to ride mii bike with no hands..hit a car ended up fliping and had half of mii skin hanging off.>.<

Answer #2

You better be exaggerating..

Answer #3

nope..its the truth….wait about which one?

Answer #4

My arm got attacked by a dog. It was the scariest and most painful thing ever. The healing hurt a lot, too.

Answer #5

Skin hanging off O____O

Answer #6

Oh wow D:

Answer #7

ooh yea…i could see my kneecap..scary..and worst of all they had to put rubbing alcohal!>.<..

Answer #8

I feel like a wimp. I have twisted my ankle and slipped and scraped my leg open on pete gravel.

Answer #9

I broke my arm. But I didnt even know it was broken, it was just sore. I suppose almost dying of blood loss is technically worse (lost way too much blood twice), but that didnt hurt. So, it’s a toss up. Given the amount of times people keep telling me I could die (they were obviously all incorrect), I really dont feel like I’ve been hurt that bad.

Answer #10

When I was 3… Just a couple of days before my b-day, we had a guy living with us who had a huge chow dog. I went over to pet him and it bit my face. I was in shock, but I remember just walking back into my house and watching my blood drip and hit the ground. My sister was so scared and called my mom and dad. They rushed me to the ER where I had plastic surgeons work on my lip because the dog bit have of it off… I got stitches under my eye and on my lip. I remember that day so vividly… I know what I was wearing and what the weather was like. It was a scary day and I will never forget it. But I am SO thankful that the dogs jaw got stuck on my teeth or then it would have turned out so much worse. Now, to this day you can only see little scares on my eye and under my eye and on my lip.

Answer #11

The only time I cried was when my mom was holding me tight on the way to the hospital. She didn’t want me to look at myself in any of the mirrors.

Answer #12

well when i was a little kid at school some kid pushed me up agaiinst a wall that was all prickle kinda and my head hit it an my skull craked and now i have a like dent in the back of my head

Answer #13

LAWL wow D: Um…ouch?

Answer #14

Oh wow, that’s awful…

Answer #15

i didnt feel because i was uncocious i think thats how you spell it lol

Answer #16

lol unconscious

Answer #17

thnks lol

Answer #18

It was pretty scary… But it’s a cool story to tell. ;) Haha… I was writing an autobiography for one of my college classes and it had to be 30 pages single spaced and I took up probably 7 pages with just this story. :D Haha!

Answer #19

A doctor, who was a sadist, shoved his finger up my a$$ without any lubricant. This was late morning and my a– was still aching so much by the time I went to bed that I had to take pain killers to help me sleep!

Later on, I had to have some tests at a hospital that involved inserting a very large object into my **. Before the tests, a nurse told me that most men tolerate this test well. What would she know: only men have to have this test and it hurt like nothing on earth. I screamed the place down!

Answer #20

metting u lol:)

Answer #21

: /

Answer #22

jokeing arrrr i just feel on the floor lol

Answer #23

That’s really harsh even if it is a joke. It’s harsh still.

Answer #24


Answer #25

I broke my foot, ankle & 3 toes all at the same time -_- I didnt even realise till 2 days later :/

Answer #26
  • i got hurt was when i was in grade 2 and i was standing on top of the monkey bars and some b!tch came up behind me and pushed me and i cut open my knee and had to get 22 stitches and got a comcusion -last month me and my friends did the shopping cart stunt from jack@ss and i cut my knee open and had to get 6 stitches
  • two years ago i ran into a pole in gym class and passed out when i hit the ground and i got a concusion those are my three biggest injuries :P
Answer #27

i havent had those kinds of physical injuries yet. :s i wasn’t a very active kid LOL

there was a time i was having major chills though. Like everything was involuntary shaking and i felt very cold although it was hot as i live in a tropical country. i thought i was gonna die, turns out i have dengue fever and had to be in the hospital for 5 days. That didnt really hurt ‘physically’ though. :s

Answer #28

i would have to say when i broke my pinkie. me and my brother were playing around and then he fell ontop of my. he dislocated and either fractured or broke my pinkie. i had to go to an a special finger doctor because it happened in my growth plate. that wasnt the part that i had a problem with, it was that i was gonna go to floridafor vacation and he didnt give me a water proof cast!

Answer #29

i broke 2 fingers cuz i smashed them into a railing lol it hurt and to make it worse i told my teacher (it was in school 6th period) and he didnt believe me and it was hurting like hell i couldn’t write i couldn’t move it :(

Answer #30

When I was 14, I broke my ankle and tore some ligaments at school. I had to ride with what felt like my foot dangling all the way to the emergency room. I had screws put in and my ankle didn’t see the light of day for about two months. I hated those darn casts. I used to fall asleep with the ruler stuck down in it for scratching! lol

Answer #31

when me and my friend were racing on bikes my handle bars started shaking and i lost control and thats the last thing i really remeber becuase i geuss i blacked out, then woke up and laughed…then past out agian and woke up and started crying hystariclly hahaha i had to get 8 stiches in my head 2 in my knee and 5 in my elbow… i dont know how i didnt get a concution, but i defanitly lost a few brain cells ;) hahahah

Answer #32

omg! so sorry to hear that..i had this bull dog that attacked my neighbor and caused serious damaged till this day i cant forgive myself knowing i was responisble for it..

Answer #33

lol she prolly thought u were trying to get away from writing

Answer #34


Answer #35

hah but painful

Answer #36

when i was in 8th grade eduardo (Boiifriend) gave me a piggie back ride and was running super fast not seeing where he was running into and all of a sudden i was in the hospital the nurse telling me i passed out when my boyfriend ran me into a pole..i had to get stitches and left a bold spot on my head (but the hair eventually grew on the bold spot) luckily i feel a lil oozy cuz i blacked out not feeling the pain

Answer #37

did the dog get put 2 sleep?

Answer #38

fell over and cut my knee, and then fell over and cut it again on the inside … and then fell over and cut the inside deeper

Answer #39

mine got put to sleep

Answer #40


Answer #41

my mum whacked me on the head with the car boot and cracked my head open :/


Answer #42

i know

Answer #43

The typical way for a guy to get hurt is to get kicked or punched in his junk, well for me, I’ve fallen from a tall wall onto a pipe onto my junk, I was in pain for a week. But the most painful thing that has ever happened to me was when I brutally injured my left knee.

I was playing around with my sisters, I was trying to keep the door closed and used my right leg to try and turn off the light (seeing it was night), my left leg was getting wobbly on me and before I could reach the light switch, my leg gave way on me causing me to put all my weight on my leg causing it to bend in a way that a leg shouldn’t be bent.

I fell to the ground holding my knee tightly cussing every word that came to mind, my knee was injured for 2 weeks, those 2 weeks I couldn’t walk, my mom had to bring my dinner to my room. What was even harder was transporting myself to the bathroom, I was in a hell load of pain all the way there and back.

Everyday I watch what step I take so nothing like that happens again, seeing that knee is prone to injuries.

Answer #44

Cause of all the injuries that I’ve had on that knee, I can’t play sports with running in them seeing the last time I injured it, I threw a bone out of place while it was healing.

Answer #45

I’ve had more than 3 injuries on it, each one was major hell for me, I never had assistance when it came to trying to walk which sucked.

Answer #46

When I was 9, my older sister was chasing me around the house and I ran up stairs to my parent’s bedroom. It was dark, so I didn’t know where anything was and when I jumped, I landed on two screwdrivers. It took me about 5 minutes to realize something wet inside my shirt so I lifted it up and there it was. Never went to the hospital for it, been hurting since and my mom doesn’t even worry about it. Lol.

More recently, I think I have to give it up to the roundhouse kick. When I was in the 7th grade, I was practicing martial arts in my room and did a roundhouse kick right into the frame of my bed. Smashed my foot so bad, it turned purple and swelled up. I tried to hide it from my mom, but she saw my limping like an idiot so she made me sit home for 3 days. The dumbest part of all was that after the third day, my gym teacher made me run a mile with that foot. The only problem I have with it now, is that whenever I walk, you can hear my ankle and all the bones in that foot make a popping noise.

Answer #47

wat happnd to the guy i was chatting with..

Answer #48

O.o you liked it ???


Answer #49

Lawl it was hilarious XD but it sounds like it hurt O:

Answer #50

they superglued my head :D


Answer #51

lol mabe XD

Answer #52

mannn, reading all your answers make me feel like such a sissy. LOL

Answer #53

i was skateing down the street and this one dude was skating at the bottom i didnt know. and when he came around the corner we crashed into eachother and i fell and hit the gardrail and somehow fell over it and rolled down the hill and into this creek thing it was gross and painful. and the other time i got drunk and fell off a roof.

Answer #54

lol..i still have the scars from the shopping cart thing…i think im gunna do it again though because it was fun :D

Answer #55

holy smoke, where to start… both knee caps have been shattered, right one twice.. both legs have had compound fractures (yes where the bone pops right out) one from snowboarding one from riding… 18 stitches in my chin, 36 from my ear to my neck which was a really bad crash where i had to be airlifted out of the mountain bike trails.. lets see, 4 broken fingers left hand, two on the right.. compound fracture of my left wrist, broken collarbone.. so im left with a few treats in my body, titanium pins in my knees and ankle.. my body is a roadmap of stories to tell.. everything is relatively, bike, skateboard or snowboarding related.

Answer #56

That wasnt that harsh.

Answer #57

When i was cleaning my aunt’s house and i slipped on the floor and opened my chin ugh i dont wanna talk about it vomits

Answer #58

dang ur never gonna learn ur lesson lol

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