What is the worst car accident you've been in?

Answer #1

Mine was sort of a pansy accident. I had just gotten my license a month prior and I rear ended a BMW with my Dodge Ram 1500. I BARELY tapped the person’s car, like no lie, but it was still scary because I had two passengers and a fresh license. My tap, which showed no visible damage whatsoever, cost me $1600 because of the car. Sigh, oh well. Live and learn :)

Answer #2

Well my boyfriend not to long ago crashed into a tree going 40. But for me personally i was in the back seat and a deaf woman crashed her car right into my door. I saw it coming and was just like oh no she wont be able to stop =/

Answer #3

Well for me, I was in a car(Infiniti I30) that got rear-ended by a Dodge Caravan while on the highway. She was trying to pass me, so we let her in front, then I switched lanes and got ahead of her(about 5 cars ahead). I think she got angry because she sped right behind me and rammed me in the rear bumper right into the fin rail! I got out of the car and she was on her cellphone talking to her friend the whole time! I was so angry, I went up to her window and was all “What the f*?! Are you stupid?! You nearly killed me!”, and all the while she just ignored me and kept talking on her phone. Then she has the guts to say to me “I have a child in the back.” If you have a child, maybe you should um, I don’t know, drive slower? This lady was dumb!

I screamed at her again and then she told me to f** off, and started rolling her window up. I got so angry I punched her window 4 times as hard as I could, in which she responded by locking her doors. Lol. The cops later came, and they told me that she wants me to pay for her damages. As if I was the one who sped up and rammed a car in the a! We(family) ended up paying her damages which was $200 for a new headlight. The bumper of our car was over $500!

That was the single most frustrating car accident ever. I swear, if I see her again, I’ll do more than punch her window.

Answer #4

Wow that must have been scary!

Answer #5

This is the worst car wreck I’ve been in. I hydroplaned and couldn’t stop for a stop sign up in South Dakota. I rear ended an emergency rescue vehicle in front of us. It was pouring so hard you could barely see, but right after it happened it suddenly stopped! It was my husband, me, and our oldest son when he was two.

Answer #6

Picked the wrong car wreck pic sorry! :)

Answer #7

It was scary primarily because i saw it coming and knew i couldn’t do anything about it.

Answer #8

Yeah those are the worst. Its like you wish you could push the brake for them!

Answer #9

In my 20’s, I rear ended a brand new car in a snow storm, and hit the windshield with my head….basically scalped myself. They shaved my hair halfway back the top of my head, stitched the skin down and reattched it. After the concussion was over, it was 6 months of waiting for my hair to grow back out.

Answer #10

Oh No! I’m very glad you were okay! I’ve never had stitches and hope it stays that way! :)

Answer #11

The worst car wreck I was in was a few years ago I was switching lanes (ok I was going at about 80 mph) and my car started to spin out of control on the highway. It hit both sides of the highway (dont ask how, I passed out at this point, I just know because there was damage on both barriers) and I somehow ended up in the back seat. The car was basically crumpled into a tiny ball. The only door that would open was the back door. No injuries, just a little bruised. No one else was hurt thankfully.

Answer #12

o.O you were lucky!!

Answer #13

Nothing to serious. I re-ended a few people with my 83 caprice classic. It drove away just fine. The little plastic POS I hit once wasn’t so lucky tho…… But who would have though I would slide 1/2 way up a pretty steep and long hill - I think gravity was screwing with me that day.

But yah I wasn’t a very careful driver when I first started driving, and after my insurance company dropped me for 3 accidents in under a year - I became a lot more careful b/c I couldn’t afford insurance and didn’t want a no insurance ticket on top of the wreck :P.

Answer #14

i was in the back of my dads car and he reversed and someone smashed into the back of it i was scared :/ cause i was only about 7.

Answer #15

I can honestly say i’ve never been in a car accident, whether it was me or someone else driving. I’ve come pretty close a couple times, aha but my karma is usually always good. :]

Answer #16

i was taking my dads Mercedes out of the drive way and a big truck-like car hit the side of the car and pushed the car like 6 feet away from where it really was. i was TERRIFIED.

Answer #17

When me and my wife where dating, I noticed a scar on the top of her head, she told me that she was involved in a car accident where the car rolled over multiple times. She was with four friends, two boys and one girl, one of the boys died at the scene. She was in a coma for a month.

When me and her visited Puerto Rico years later I was driving and came to a stop sign. I looked but there were this bushes and proceeded to cross the road. I looked to my left and here comes this Camaro doing like 50 and T Boned our little Geo Metro that I had borrowed from my aunt. Lucky for us our seat belts saved us and the other guy was fine too. Our car looked like an “ L” and the rear axle completed detached!

About 10 years ago I was driving my 18 wheeler truck with a full trailer and as I was merging on an interstate there was a car to my right that was also merging, well the guy cut in front of me and I hit his Ford Taurus and dragged with the front of my truck into a ditch. It was so scary because as I dragged him I looked down and the guy was staring at me and I knew if he gotten hurt or died, his face would forever be with me. As I was dragging him I looked back into the interstate and many cars where avoiding the crash and bumping into each other. Since I only dragged his car, the guy was unhurt and nobody else was hurt. The police came and gave the guy a citation after he admitted it was his fault.

Answer #18

honestly i didnt have car accidents in my life.once and it wasnt an accident.when i was in grade 4 or may be 5 on bus stop,there were drunks riding the car.we were playin football on the road.it was our falt on 1 place,then the drunk guyz camed in their car,i was running in the place,he saw me and stoped,but they hited my left arm.i was ok,didnt injured

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