Do you think wind power will be the future source of energy?

If not wind power, what do you think it will be?

Answer #1

No the equipment installation & maintenance costs are too high, and wind farms are already causing problems by pumping too much power onto the electricity grid in bursts which are in no way related to demand.

Plants absorb huge amounts of energy from sunlight using very efficient photosynthesis - I believe we should be able to greatly improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of solar cells that use plant-like photo-electric technology.

I think we should all be more active in reducing our demands for cheap readily available energy and we should implement low energy solutions where ever possible.

– Majikthise.

Answer #2

the future will hold many renewables such as wind, solar and tidal, but the amounts of infastruscture and capital required to even get close to providing enough energy is too great. I believe it will be a combination of renewables, coal with carbon sequestration and nuclear power. nuclear is safer then ever and and post 2050 reactor technology will be extremely powerful and efficient. you can even produce hydrogen to power cars with the heat the nuclear creates.

Answer #3

i personally think solar energy would overtake the wind due to less costs , maintenance etc.

Answer #4

It is already a source of energy. Wind power is commercially used in most industrialized nations. It currently is only a niche energy source but expect its usage to increase.

Not sure what you mean by “the” source of power. Energy is the limiting factor on mankind’s standard of living so expect every commercially viable source of energy to be used in the future.

Answer #5

no i think solar and hydro power will be the way of the future cuz we will always have water and the sun the moment we dont we all die so we dont really have to worry about living without power plus water can run thru and power us and we can use that in a cycle to clean the water and have more clean water to use

Answer #6

hydro as in tidal or dam?

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