Save the polor bears

Are there organizations that people can collect money and send the money there to help polor bears and global warming?

Answer #1

Ethmer, I have heard you say before that the global warming that is occuring now is only a natural cycle. Can I ask what your expertise is in the subject that enables you to dismiss an overwhelming consensus of climate scientists that belive it is being caused by man?

Even if it isn’t being caused by man, what would be the down side to us reducing fossil fuel usage? Cleaner air & water, less dependence on foreign oil, and new technolgies to drive our economy would be the result of following good evironmental policies. Doesn’t sound too bad to me…

Answer #2

in my opinion

I don’t think global warming is going to affect the polar bears as much as people seem to think. The polar bears will follow the seals.

Global warming is a natural cycle that the earth goes through every so often. If the polar bears were to go extinct, then that is simply the way of mother nature and evolution.

I am more concerned with the thousands upon thousands of people, mainly children, who are starving to death, DAILY, regardless of global warming. Our money and effort would be much better off spent saving them. Who knows, it might just be one of those we save who might be the one who saves mankind from that wayward meteor or some of the diseases that are ravaging mankind.

I actually have no problem with individual people attempting to save animals. But I really think that governments should be more concerned about saving people.

Answer #3

Wow, I have the perfect group for you. I JUST started it, too. you see, I want to help polar bears through global warming, as well. I don’t think polar bears want it to be cold. who would WANT COLD?! I think they were persecuted by the other bears and driven from their native California fields to the arctic tundra up north. there they remain to this very day, living relics of the heinous crime their brethren committed on them. global warming is their one chance at ever having a decent standard of living up in the arctic circle…To think there are fools out there who are AGAINST global warming. shame on them. I mean, a hope for a warmer world is all these bears have! polar bears have enough hatred from the grizzlies, they don’t need mankind keeping them down, too. that’s why I’m starting the National Coalition for the Un-Polar Bears, or the N.C.U.P.B. for just a few cents a day, you too can help warm the earth and recreate the bears natural environment. Join me and together we’ll un-polar the world!

Answer #4

I know global warming is real and happeneing so I dont want your advice on how to kill polor bears because that is what you r doing and global warming is not a natural thing it is not mother nature we are causing global warming so go somewere else with your bad advice because I want to help polor bears not make them become grizzlies or w.e

Answer #5

ok say that in kid launguage im only 13 lol

Answer #6

I think that you can collect for any charity from friends and family (maybe by doing a fund-raising event) and then send the money to them. My sister and I used to do that, and my parents helped us to pass the money on via their bank account.

Answer #7

Jimahl, I posted a link. My views are based upon scientific evidence.

Answer #8

Try That’s the website of the World Wide Fund for Nature that I mentioned.

Answer #9

tanks do you have any foundations in mind

Answer #10

Gina’s right - the polar bears live and hunt on ice, so the seals survive OK as the ice melts, but the polar bears can’t bring up their young on the water! Stories of swimming polar bears are becoming more common - some of them are trying to adapt to their new conditions, but the babies obviously won’t cope.

I think that the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) would probably be a good charity to support if you are mainly concerned by the effect of Global Warming on animals.

Answer #11

Do you have any scientific evidence that is not funded by conservative organizations and oil companies?

NCPA is a conservative think tank funded by other conservative organizations and corporations like Exxon. Their revenue for 2006 was 5.1 million. You can spread a lot of propaganda with that kind of mullah.

The main article on the site is by Fred Singer. He is a known conservative operative. He is not credible. Singer himself has accepted money directly from Exxon. This guy also sides with big tabacco and denies second hand smoke is harmful. He is nothing but a gun for hire…

Got anything else?

Answer #12

you can do one of those Adopt-a-polar-bear things.

Answer #13

thanks anybody else

Answer #14

I dont think sooo

Answer #15

thanks flossheal ill check it out because the charity im talking about is maybe going to places asking peoples for donations and the money goes in a box then I send the money to the charity. is there any charity that does that

Answer #16

Global warming?

My problem isn’t with the reality that the earth’s climate may be warming. My problem is with those who simply blame man and are preaching gloom and doom in “the sky is falling” tradition.

“Considered collectively, there is clear and convincing evidence of a 1,500-year climate cycle. And if the current warming trend is part of an entirely natural cycle, as Singer and Avery conclude, then actions to prevent further warming would be futile, could impose substantial costs upon the global economy and lessen the ability of the world’s peoples to adapt to the impacts of climate change.”

Source: S. Fred Singer and Dennis T. Avery, “The Physical Evidence of Earth’s Unstoppable 1,500-Year Climate Cycle,” National Center for Policy Analysis, Policy Report No. 279, September 29, 2005

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