Will joe the plumber get more dollars or votes?

Since Joe the Plumber is the central theme of all TV news programs today, where do you think things will go from here for him?

A) Joe will receive enough write-in votes to be elected President of the US. America's plumbers' unions rejoice at having one of their guys in office, and decide to disband.

B) Joe will not be elected president, but will become Joe the Secretary of Health and Human Services, as the next president capitalizes on his popularity. The US will now have the most effective sewage systems in the world.

C) Joe's business will boom, and ironically he will be even further in Obama's tax bracket than he was before the debate.

D) Joe sells the rights to his life to Miramax, so they can make a movie called "Joe: A Plumber's Story" starring Bruce Willis. It's an action packed thriller about a man who single-handedly stops a group of terrorists who subvert the US government in order to control...the WORLD!!"

E) Joe is selected to moderate all future presidential debates.

F) Nothing...nothing at all happens, and Joe's name disappears from national headlines a couple days after the election.

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They like to make fun of him and trash him becaused he DARED ask a question, but If all the 'Joe the Plumbers' laid down their wrenches, hammers, nails, trimmers, saws and tractors -- and stopped getting calloused hands, sore backs, and eyes full of sweat from their work -- the country wouldn't last a month !!

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What happens to Joe and his business depends upon who is elected - we'll have to stay tuned.

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It's embarassing to hear McCain, and especially Palin, continue to yammer on about Joe the Plumber now that everybody knows his deal. Someone on their campaign staff should tell them to just let it go.

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lol yeah I agree with jimahl. This seems to be more of a stunt, and a poorly done one at that. Sure has fooled the media, though.

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Funny, funny...
I thought I would scream if I heard "joe the plumber" one more time last night.
I think I even saw McCain wink once! or maybe it was a twitch.
Either way his attempt to "Palinise" did not work, he did not connect to "Joe Six-Pack" oops, I mean "Joe the Plumber"

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You and I clearly watch different news programs. And if any one of the ones I frequent focused on "Joe the plumber," I'd change the channel. I think you might want to exercise greater discretion in what information you choose to ingest.

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Amblessed, Yes, you are right. Plumbers working for a licensed plumber don't need a license. But once you own a plumbing business, you are no longer just a plumber. You are a small business owner and venture capitlaist. And if you are making 250,000 doing that, then you are making more than 95% of the people in this country, and are doing very well. You should be able to pay a little more than everyone else. I know of what I speak. We have 2 partners in our general contracting business. We gross about 2.5 million a year, and believe me, the neither partners do earns any where near 250,000. And the business doesn't ever show any real profit. What little there is goes as income to the partners, so it is just taken as salary.

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I think Joe the Plumber will keep his money instead of having Obama give it to other people.
I think the choices you wrote about him really doesn't need to be a celebrity deal. I'd have to say F) Nothing will happen after the Election since Joe is like everyone else. If MCcain wins, Joe can keep his money and he'll get the business he wanted. He doesn't need Obama to do that for him. Joe the Plumber is like my father whoes also a Plumber.

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This guy was probably a plant at the Obama rally when he asked about his tax plan. Either way he is full of crap. If this guy is making 250,000 a year, I doubt he is a plumber. And if he is, then he is one of the most successful plumbers I ever heard of. I am a general contractor, and none of our plumbers make anywhere near that.

Amblessed, have you seen the polls? Do you actually have any doubts about who is going to be elected? Oh that's right, you are waiting for that miracle from the sky guy. Either that, or you are expecting more election fraud coming from your beloved GOP.

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Very funny RG...

I keep hear on the radio a montage of all the times both Obama and McCain mentioned Joe. It is pretty funny.

McCain looked pretty sad and desperate last night. I was hoping he might just take the opportunity to soften his approach and try to end this campaign with some dignity and try to maintain something of his legacy. If he goes down to the end still spewing this Ayers and ACORN crap, any legacy he had will be greatly damaged.

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mikeh, it's a joke. Lighten up.

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I'ma go with B or D... :p

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Ah...ignorance as irony. How...groundbreaking. Seinfeld had better watch his behind with cutting-edge humor like that.

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Insisting that his tax plan will only raise taxes on those earning in excess of $250,000 a year, Obama has repeatedly scoffed at Joe the plumber, asking “how many plumbers make a quarter of a million dollars?” And Biden joked on “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno that he wants to help real plumbers who are “actually licensed.”

Obama and Biden may both be surprised to know that, in many states, individual plumbers can practice their craft under the auspices of someone else’s license - - like, for example, the owner of the plumbing company that employs them. They may also be shocked to learn that, yes, plumbers and owners of plumbing companies can, and often do earn $250,000 a year or more. We still call them “small businesses” - - and they are some of the very businesses that will be endangered should the Obama-Biden economic plan become law.

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"Joe the plumber" has a secret plan to destroy Barack Obama.

If you believe the media, Joe is a sinister, McCain-supporting Republican of the Reagan type — he is a true threat to the "Anointed One" — Barack Obama — and his chances of becoming president of the United States.

This sounds almost like a make-believe story, but it's true. The media has been seeking to decapitate Joe the plumber.

Why? Because he's an ordinary American who has a dream of business success for himself and his family.

One day, Joe woke up and suddenly realized that Barack Obama is going to punish him with brutal taxes.

Just by coincidence — and I know Chris Matthews and Katie Couric will never believe it was simply a coincidence — Joe met Barack Obama as Obama passed through his Ohio neighborhood.

When Joe challenged Obama with a tough question — something the press has not done during the past two years — the Anointed One wilted.

How dare Joe want to make and keep his own money? The nerve of this man to want to be a success in a small business!

As Obama put it, shouldn't Joe want to help him "spread the wealth around?"

With that one remark, Obama's disguise as a moderate crumbled.

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