Ouija Board With Only One Person

I am bored so I was wondering if it was possible that I could ask questions and get answers from the Ouija Board with just me playing with it and nobody else.

Also, does the Ouija Board actually work?

Answer #1

ya it works. I cant moveit myself but my mom can. shes been doin it since she was 13 tho… you need real concentration and you cud do it by urself… I not focused enough!!! lol

Answer #2

it really does work, but it is nothing to mess around with. I don’t even touch them. I believe in a spiritual world with two sides, good and evil, and I think most of the time it is evil a person would be messing around with and using a ouija board opens portals that takes hard work to close and once you let something such as a demon through they won’t or can’t return so they will be stuck there with nothing better to do than haunt you until you move or even die in worst cases.

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P.S. I don’t know this from experience but from the research I’ve done this has been my conclusion…

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Answer #4

I’m not sure that’s a lie. I believe in the spiritual world but I also think that there’s probably quite a lot of ‘messing around’ and wishful thinking going on with a ouija board. I also believe that if spirits are involved that’s worse - how on earth do you know that they have your best interests in mind?

Answer #5

yes it works.

it most likely won’t work if you do it by yourself, I’ve tried and the thing never moved. the more people the better.

Answer #6

The ouija board does not work. The only reason you need more than one person is because the player’s unsteadiness moves the cursor (or one player is pulling your leg and moving it)

xox Sika

Answer #7

yes, it does. I know from experience.

and you could try doing it by ureself, but it most likely wont work. u need more human energy than ure own two hands. but if ure going to try by ureself just to see, light some candles and that might help. pce<333 o yeah…b careful.

Answer #8

I an not sure if you can work one by yourself I am also trying to work it because I would like to talk to my grandmother on a more personal baises but they do work I have gotten subatantial proof. Some things you may read about are not always true like that red candles attract evil spirits my grandmother told me that she loves the sent of my red candle but hates what the color stands for. she also said that she hates the sent of the vanilla candle but would prefer if I used that instead. I asked her if light and electronical divices (cell phones) really do hurt her and she said yes. So please when you do this shut off your phone and all lights

Answer #9

yes it does work. or so many people couldnt give the same advice. if you dont believe you are not lettng the spirit use your energy to moove the pointer so it wont work. play with peple who do and their energy willbe enuff for you to feel it for your self

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