Why is Marijuana considered a drug??

I know it has THC in it but realy it’s just an herb. In my county minors are allowed to smoke it but they cannot have it in possesion. I want to know why people think it’s a drug. Really!!

Answer #1

They wont because people that use it do stupid things and these stupid things often lead to trouble.

It also can put you through depression stages and can mess with your controll nerves and it has the same chances of giving you a smoke deasase you can get from tabacco, I often smoke tabacco but would suport the fact of making it illigal.

Answer #2

god made weed…man made beer. wich one do you trust more? lol…the thing is you shouldn’t talk negative about something you haven’t really done…just read?..let me get some things clear

marijuana is not addictive, it might create a habbit but its way easier to break then an alcohol “habbit” or a cigarette “habbit”…to not say addiction

just because its not legal doesn’t mean its really bad for you…its actually bad for people whose only interest is to control the human mind and gain power

yess it can affect you, but look for actual information…not manipulated information. there are thousands of deaths from alcohol and tobbaco abuse…how many is there to marijuana??

so I know its really hard to know that all your life..most of the thing they teach you is a BIG FAT LIE…but get over it and open your mind…you might be surprised of all the things you r missing thinking something is wrong just because THEY say so

Answer #3

Cannibus is a drug. As is heroin, coaaine, alcohol, tobacco, coffee and tea. What responsible adults do in the privacy of their own home should be none of anybody’s business. I do not believe that anyone should undertake difficult or dangerous tasks while intoxicated with any drug. There is not an effective test to determine if someone is intoxicated with cannibus. Blood or urine tests for this will only show if you have used cannibus for perhaps the last 28 days. It will NOT prove that the individual is intoxicated. I am a firm believer that all drugs should be legalized and regulated (see leap.cc). The drug war has caused far more harm to our society than any good results. I have used cannibus off and on since 1971 and I am well aware of its affects. I do not smoke at this time due to my job requires ocassional random drug testing. Instead, I use the average money I may have spent on the herb toward reform of these riduclous racially motavited laws. Please check out; law enforcement against drug prohibition, NORML.org, SSDP.org, MPP.org, and stopthedrugwar.org My dream is that someday I can light up whenever I chose without looking over my shoulder for our not-so-friendly drug warriors.

Answer #4

because some people or retared if it grows in the ground its not a drug man god put it there for a reason

Answer #5

Marijuana is a green, brown, or gray mixture of dried, shredded leaves, stems, seeds, and flowers of the hemp plant (Cannabis sativa). Cannabis is a term that refers to marijuana and other drugs made from the same plant. Other forms of cannabis include sinsemilla, hashish, and hash oil. All forms of cannabis are mind-altering (psychoactive) drugs.

The main active chemical in marijuana is THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol). Short-term effects of marijuana use include problems with memory and learning, distorted perception, difficulty in thinking and problem solving, loss of coordination, increased heart rate, and anxiety.

Definition of a drug: Pay special attention to definition 2. drug (drg) n.

  1. a. A substance used in the diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of a disease or as a component of a medication. b. Such a substance as recognized or defined by the U.S. Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.
  2. A chemical substance, such as a narcotic or hallucinogen, that affects the central nervous system, causing changes in behavior and often addiction.
  3. Obsolete A chemical or dye. tr.v. drugged, drug·ging, drugs
  4. To administer a drug to.
  5. To poison or mix (food or drink) with a drug.
  6. To stupefy or dull with or as if with a drug: drugged with sleep.
Answer #6

Hi mia4ervr. One more time, I am sorry it seemed you were being attacked. Not intended in any sort of way. I apologized for the mistake about county and country and said I would be more aware of questions. Marijuana being an herb by definition is still harmful and people wanted you to be aware of that. There are helpful herbs as well as harmful ones. Also, people do not want you or anyone else thinking something is true about where you live and then get into trouble. Other people may read your question and see all of these answers and get a lot of useful information. You may not be a smoker nor do you wish to have it legalized, but you now have the correct information that you could pass on to others. It actually was a very good question. Maybe it sparked a kind of “protection mode” in some of us and you being so young, we wanted to make sure you don’t add more bad choices to your life. Again, sorry for attacking you.

Answer #7

Ok, smoking weed is only legal to smoke in Canada, and thats only if the doctor perscribes it for a cancer patient. Someone that is terminally ill. It is not legal for minors anywhere. Whoever told you that, lied to you sweetheart! ‘Measure G’ passed but it is a hollow victory of a symbolic nature ONLY. Law enforcement and the D.A. have really changed their policies in NO WAY! Enforcement of the law regarding marijuana cultivation is the same as it has always been. I work with several doctors that have moved to memphis from the CA area, and have researched this minor allowance, and its not true. Whenever a minor tests postive for THC in any ER around the country, or in any county- it is reported.

Answer #8

Mia4evr. . . You ask a question and we answered You county is in California correct. . . . The state of California states that possession of Marijuana is a crime and your county must enforce state laws, That’s just the way it is. . . . http://www.canorml.org/laws/calmjlaws.html As you stated your only 13 correct, I’m sure someone close to you has told you it’s ok. . . It’s not. I’m just telling you the facts. Marijuanna is a mind altering drug that is illegal in all of the United States of America except for with a medical perscription.

Answer #9

You could not be more right. You said county. However, the measure G you are talking about for your county is not what you seem to think. Be careful what you are hearing and saying because some people can and have gotten into trouble for believing the same thing you do.

Here is just one bit of information from a website: I am a native of Mendocino County, Ca., 37 yrs. old, and a long time user of cannibus. I just ran across this site while looking at other Mendo. Co. sites and it sort of raised my ire. It is unfortunate that the media has led many of you to believe that the cultivation/use of marijuana is legal, decriminalized, ignored, etc. in this county. Yes, “Measure G” passed but it is a hollow victory of a symbolic nature ONLY. Law enforcement and the D.A. have really changed their policies in NO WAY! Enforcement of the law regarding marijuana cultivation is the same as it has always been. “Mom and Pop” growers who grow striclty for their own use and people who like to smoke a joint at home after work have always been low on the priority list for prosecution. The only thing that has changed around here “compassionate use” or “Medical Marijuana”. You can pay $100.00 for a Dr. appt. and see an M.D. who will recommend marijuana as a therapeutic alternative to other prescription drugs and/or therapies. He cannot prescribe marijuana, he can only recommend its use. You are then given a piece of paper stating this recommendation. You are then required to go to the local sherriffs office to get an official “Medical Marijuana Users I.D.” complete with your picture, name, address, etc. which they keep on file. This I.D. must be renewed annually along with the M.D. recommendation for continued use. This allows the patient to cultivate or assign a designated caregiver to cultivate marijuana for them. This is only recognized in Mendocino Co. It is still illegal under federal law and not all Calif. counties recognize medical/compassionate use. As for growing without a medical recommendation: if you grow in your backyard and your neighbors complain, law enforcement stumbles upon it, etc. the penalties are the same as they have always been. The D.A. will, in most cases, prosecute you in some way, whether it be a fine, drug deferral classes, or jail time. This all depends on who you are, your history, prior arrests for similar offenses and the size of your crop/quantity of processed marijuana in your possession. THIS IS HOW IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN! NOTHING HAS CHANGED! So please stop perpetuating a myth that has gotten quite a few people in to some serious trouble because they believed what some ignorant fool told them. Remember-FEDERAL LAW SUPERCEDES ALL STATE AND LOCAL LAWS. As long as the “FED” says it is illegal, it is ILLEGAL!


All the sites I searched say the same thing. Your county makes marijuana cultivation and use the lowest priority punishable by law. This did not legalize it. Your county recognizes using marijuana or attempting to obtain it does not cause violent crimes. And one very important fact, the federal government still says marijuana in all apsects but one, is illegal. This in fact, overrules your county. I will always be sure to read questions thouroughly and not skim over them. Thank you.

Answer #10

Probably b/c it sells on the streets like drugs and gets you high. Unexperienced people (like probably 90% of the gov’t) believes it is bad b/c it alters your mind. Well, it does but then again Alcohol does too, so I’ve been wondering the same ? my self. I believe it should be Legal (just so I can be opened a/b smoking it and not have to hide), anyways, also the gov’t has been making a big fortune from all the drug bust from pot, then they take that money and put it towards school, roads and other things. It’s just all about the money. I think if the US wasn’t so in debt, pot would be legal. Have a good day =)

Answer #11

im sorry! wasnt trying to be ugly. Im 30, and found it to be a little crazy to hear what you posted. no one is attackin you- just putting some information out there.

Answer #12

I said COUNTY not COUNTRY… and i wasn’t saying i think it needs to be legalized.

because in Mendocino County(has the biggest weed population in the US), minors are allowed to smoke it.

Read questions THOROUGHLY(sp?) and dont skim through them.

Answer #13

Driving suspension for minors: Any minor (age under 21) convicted of any marijuana, alcohol, or other drug offense faces a 12-month drivers license suspension, regardless of whether the offense was driving-related. The court may allow restricted license privileges if the minor demonstrates a “critical need to drive.” Vehicle Code 13202.5 . (Note: This penalty can be avoided by entering a diversion program).

I looked at several sites on the laws of the use of marijuana in the state of California. They all say the same thing. I live in the US. Last time I checked, California was still in the United States. Check the laws again mia4evr for “your country”.

I hope all of these answers have helped you and given you some insight.

Answer #14

if u really think that weed should be legal ur out of ur mind. it messes with your central nervous system and could and probably will get addicted to it. if u have ever done it u should know that it messes with ur vision and ur thinking. people that think it should b legal make me furious. and to think that i have to take a drug test to do my work, which i have no problem passing, but why dont they make individuals take a drug test for government checks. that is something to think about. if they did, half of the people that get one of those checks would be out of luck.

Answer #15

it IS a drug because its a mood stabilizer it should be legalized

Answer #16

yeah ur attacking me with the information. i was just curious…

Answer #17

You count y? You aware your profile says California aren’t you?

Answer #18


I just was wondering stop attacking me with all of this information. Geez im only 13!!

Answer #19

its not a drug, its all thanks to “bad journalism”

These are some of the comments I have copied from a forum

-pharmaceuticals are known to kill more people than illegal drugs

-marijuana is the number 1 cash crop in the world it serves as a natural medicine and has many other uses thats why they prohibited it so big companies can make more profit thanks to “bad journalism”

-can also help aids patients, aids diminishes appetite have them smoke a joint and they regain their appetite counteracting the illness

-no one can die from smoking cannabis and has been no known deaths compared to everything else including alcohol, tobacco, etc..

I myself have asthma and smoking opens up my airways making it easier to breathe with no side effects when medically legalized in my state I look foward to becoming a patient for prescription marijuana. 12 states have already legalized it along with other countries in the world and more following my job is to educate people that are not aware of the plants uses


-I did most of my research through websites, books, magazines, and the news norml.org high times magazine etc..

  • theres more to it than just getting high and I believe legalizing it would make this a better world to live in

-God bless the whole crop!

  • and for people that dont smoke, you dont need to smoke it to support it

-all the better reason for the government to legalize.. couple reasons why it should be legalized: -will be removed from black market and stop empowering gang members -medical reasons -would be sold like alcohol, remember alcohol was once prohibited too (in stores away from children, have to be 21+) -would be a law that you cant drive while intoxicated on weed -prison population would lower (prisons are overcrowding with nonviolent offenders) -keep patients from being convicted -would provide millions of jobs for people -would make us an independent country (fuel, etc.., debt free america)

people with an addiction (including hard drugs) shouldnt be thrown in jail, they need help theres more people in jail with mental illnesses than there are in mental institutions

the list goes on

  • the War on Drugs is a failure, its a war on its own people. policies need to be changed we pay billions in taxpayers money to keep the war going and neither side is winning thats just a waste of our tax money I wonder what they do with all that money.. those greedy bastards just sell drugs back onto the street, you can even check urself on that there was a time when there was a cia operation transporting drugs overseas into america the government also provided Rick Ross with plenty of heroin to go around, course making money from it

the truth must be exposed, theyre dirty work must stop!

-Of course we can do something about it, we all just need to unite screw the federal government remember slavery? if no one stood up im pretty sure it would still be going on people were tortured, beaten, killed and thrown in jail but that didnt stop them standing up for their rights eventually slavery was abolished same with alcohol prohibition eventually became re-legalized

  • its like theres some kind of conspiracy going on I sense the government is up to no good and trying to control us. credit cards, money, and now they have chips that can be implanted in skin for uselful reasons but if in the wrong hands well were pretty much fuct they hiding the truth from us its dangerous to be right when the government is wrong they got theyre privacy but we dont. they want to know everything were doing on our leisure time

get up stand up!

  • marijuanas not anti-establishment because its illegal, its illegal because its anti-establishment

all facts stated have been double-checked and confirmed what more info? norml.org hightimes.com americandrugwar.org flexyourrights.org lets all make this a better place to live in!

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