Is marijuana a drug?

Do you consider it good or bad? What is your opinion on marijuana?

Answer #1

Yeah it is a drug and i have no opinon on it.

Answer #2

It is a drug. It has some good purpose and some bad. It can be used for meical resons but most of the time people just smoke it or eat it( in like space brownies). In my opinion isn’t so bad unless the people useing it just act like idiots.

Answer #3

A drug is a substance that alters your mind, so yes marijuana is a drug. Didn’t say it was bad though ;] Jokes

Answer #4

No, it is completely natural. A drug to me is a substance that is chemically altered, such as coke, meth, ibruprofen, etc. People are so against marijuana, but in reality it isn’t that bad. Is it good for you to smoke? Not exactly, but it is not as damaging as drinking alcohol. Marijuana also has a lot of medicinal uses. I believe marijuana is illegal because it would bring down the tobacco industry… Also has to do with a bunch of other government/political BS. you can watch it in documentaries :)

I don’t even smoke marijuana, but I don’t think it’s bad or a drug.

Answer #5

Of course its a drug. The definition of a drug is any substance other than food that alters the way your body functions. Specifically, it is a hallucinagenic drug.

I think its bad. It alters neurotransmitter levels in your brain, and has been linked to mental illness such as schitzophrenia. I know people who this has happened to, and it has completely destroyed their lives.

Answer #6

Well saying that marijuana is the reason my baby’s father chooses not to be around it’s bad and the reason i won’t let him near me or my baby

Answer #7

Marijuana is definitely a drug based on textbook definition. It doesn’t have to be chemically altered, because then in that aspect food would be a drug since it’s chemically altered with colorings and preservatives.

Is it bad? That depends on if the person abuses the substance or becomes addicted to a substance. And before some people tell me marijuana is not addictive, I’ll tell them anything you feel you need in order to feel a certain way is technically an addiction.

I personally don’t use this substance so I don’t really have that much of an opinion on it.

Answer #8

….how is it linked to schizophrenia?

Answer #9

Wow this will sure help in my debate project!

Answer #10

Yes, it is a drug. It is considered to medicate you if you have insomnia, physical pain, glaucoma ect. My opinion of marijuana is that it’s not be used constantly. Too much of anything is bad. I think teenagers should not use it as often as someone who is past twenty because we are still developing (we teenagers).

Answer #11

Numerous studies have shown cannabis use to increase the risk of psycotic disordered including schritzophrenia. Want some references?

Egerton, A., Fusar-Poli, P., & Stone, J. M. (2012). Glutamate and Psychosis Risk. Curr Pharm Des.

Long, L. E., Chesworth, R., Huang, X. F., McGregor, I. S., Arnold, J. C., & Karl, T. (2012). Transmembrane domain Nrg1 mutant mice show altered susceptibility to the neurobehavioural actions of repeated THC exposure in adolescence. Int J Neuropsychopharmacol, 1-13.

Manrique-Garcia, E., Zammit, S., Dalman, C., Hemmingsson, T., Andreasson, S., & Allebeck, P. (2011). Cannabis, schizophrenia and other non-affective psychoses: 35 years of follow-up of a population-based cohort. Psychol Med, 1-8.

Not to mention I know people this has happend to

Answer #12

If it were linked to schizophrenia, wouldn’t there be a significant increase in schizophrenic people?

Answer #13

As I said. Scientific studies have demonstrated a SIGNIFICANT INCREASE in schitzophrenia, with cannabis-use. As all those studies listed, and more, say.

Answer #14

THC (C21H30O2) is a chemical drug like 2-acetoxybenzoic acid or C8H10N4O2…these aren’t scary designer chemicals, they’re aspirin and caffeine… Any chemical, natural or otherwise, that changes the normal operation of the human mind/nervous system is a drug. The word drug is not a bad word. There are many types of chemicals, good and bad, natural and artificial. There are internal chemicals such as DMT and Serotonin in your brain naturally, guiding your responsive emotional balance! …Cannabis is poorly and falsely categorized, but it’s still a drug.

Answer #15

I looked it up and it says there have been no significant increase in schizophrenic people….

Answer #16

wow some people believe anything still wait for the tooth fairy?

and it’s not hallucinogenic drug sh-rooms payotie are. pot is a plant and no matter how much you smoke you’ll never have visions

Answer #17

Textbook based you mean the school books distributed by our government the same group of people that passed a law to make it illegal in the 1900’s with one of the argument s on the congress floor was

“marijuana will make a black man look at a white woman twice.”

that governmental textbook

Answer #18

Textbook based you mean the school books distributed by our government the same group of people that passed a law to make it illegal in the 1900’s with one of the argument s on the congress floor was

“marijuana will make a black man look at a white woman twice.”

that governmental textbook

Answer #19

it’s not a drug it’s an herb truthfully

a plant in which goes through no alterations to perform it’s medical function only needs to be consumed. grown naturally in the wild and gathered through out time by medical people weather they were labels as doctors,medicine man, shamans, witchdoctors, priest, monks, exe….

read better books people

Answer #20

what kind of debate? which side you fighting for? need the real reason it was ban in the 1900’s?

tobacco, paper companies, and cotton industry with Dow chemical

all feared going under as hemp a by product of the plant was the first thing ever refereed to wait for it …….. a billion dollar chop.

Dow chemical had just invented a new glue to assist in the paper production of the world. which hemp does not need to be turned in to paper. hemp grows so fast and can be harvested often with out killing plants that it was going to replace cotton, and tree’s being used for paper.
see hemp is a stronger more dribble material and has literally 10,000’s of uses and the lobbyist for those companies paid big money to get it out lawed. so these company’s wouldn’t lose money is how it started originally. It had nothing to do with it being smoked. they just could go on the floor of congress and Say it needs ban cause cotton will go out of business and Dow chemical will lose millions.

Answer #21

I dont use it but personslly i dont think it a drug, never in the history of weed have i heard someome overdose on marijuana. To me its just a plant in which you happend to set it on fire you will get some side effects :)

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