How can I clean marijuana out my system for a drug test?

I heard drink like 8 gallons for water but idk so i thought i’d ask… I can afford to buy a detox or pills but dont no where 2 get them & i need a reasonable price

Answer #1

not just water, but water with electrolytes. Also you need to drink it for 6 days before to really fool any drug test. IMO unless you can plead out, delay the test you are screwed.

Answer #2

Well first of all if you know your suppose to get a drug test why the heck would you go smoke or be around people doing it? That is not a real question so please no excuses. And if you really want it out of your system drink cranberry juice and water. And I mean peering every 10 to 20 min lot. You need to do this for about a week just to make sure you can get it all out.

Answer #3

Considering the primary metabolite of cannabis is lipid soluble, no amount of water can help.

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Answer #5

NO! If you are trying to get sober from a drug that travels trough the blood system DON’T I repeat DO NOT drink water. Water thins the blood and heightens the effects of the drug it’s self. Therefore drinking water causes you to become higher and make the marijuana stronger and stronger compared to before you drank water. If you need to get sober try expelling as much liquid as possible. Urinate as frequently as possible, try to sweat, drink solely warm thick sugary liquid and if needed cranberry juice, and if you ingested the item containing cannabis try to throw up.

Answer #6

try AZOs they work.

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