Why do some people worship animals ?

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agreed with toadaly & jester_X
Like my Uncle said "I'ld rather worpship a pole than 'God'" beucz at least you know for a fact the pole is real.

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Why do people worship invisible univolved deities at all - be they in the form of cows or 2000 year old godmen?

The word 'brainwashed' is deemed inflammatory, but it really is the best description in some cases.

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Its jsut a believe system,
I would ask why sosme people worship a imaginary sprirt in the sky.
Everyone believes waht they want and to people that dont understand it it could sound a little silly, On the other hand some of them still sound silly even after you understand it

do God like it when people call other people ugly
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I think he meant they lost it "mentally".

Also, the only religion that I know of that worships animals today is Hinduism.

One of the main animals they worship is the cow. The cow represents the giving nature of life to everyone. So they honor it by worshiping it...

It's kind of weird and I don't fully understand it myself. O_O

Hope that helped

Do Scientologists worship God?

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because they're stupid

How did the isrealites worship god?
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Because they worship the creation rather than the creator.

How do muslims worship?

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