Why do people feel that animals are unequal to humans?

So many people believe that animals aren’t equal to humans… I just read this article by a guy who complained that Animals weren’t equal to humans whatsoever. I strongly disagree!

First of all, just because some animals are edible for humans doesn’t mean they were MADE for us to eat them! Any animal was made to have a life just like humans! If they were made for us to eat them, then we would be made for sharks or something to eat us, wouldn’t it? Or maybe the same with ticks who suck our blood!

Second, animals are living things with feelings! (I even think that we shouldn’t harm trees because THEY’RE living things!) Sure, maybe some certain animals don’t even have a brain–but they’re still living creatures like we are. Scientists have even proved that HUMANS are animals! Just because we have larger brains doesn’t mean we’re the rulers of the earth! Every animal is the same.

So seriously, I just find the whole thing ridiculous! Why do people feel that animals are unequal to humans? If you know me well, you’ll know that I’ve never even wanted to hurt a fly–literally!!!

Answer #1

because they have no feelings!! people think that they are superior because they are the most advanced species!! we share so many traits with animals!! I mean granted they will over populate but they arent humanly killed!!

Answer #2

yes, we are all equal, were even equal with plants we may THINK that just because we have big brains and technology that were smarter but without animals, and plants, we would die without these things, the enviroment would greatly change if all the animals in the world didnt exist there would me no meat, no wool, most clothing would exist manure for plants, without plants nothing would purify the air so we couldnt berath majority of food will be gone dairy products wouldnt exist without animals and plants, we would all be dead we rely on them to survive wether we know it or not, or like it or not if they all just died, so would we

Answer #3

I cannot agree more with baldwinwolf, amblessed and Phrannie.

Answer #4

animals are inferiour to humans- the fact that humans can take any animal and trin it to do our bidd shoud be a clear indication of this. im not say that because they are infirior they should be miss treated- thats just cruel.

Answer #5

Animals are not equal to humans - I think many if not most ‘live in the moment’ unlike humans who consider the past and future - then the physical evidence - none driving a car - building a bridge or skyscraper, etc - so, things in common but certainly not on the same level…Merry Christmas !!

Answer #6

So Emo…a guy holds a gun to your dad’s head, or your mom’s or a siblilings, and says…”them or the animal”…what do you say then? Kill daddy…mom…brother???…but save the animal?

Animals are part of our bounty…they are our RESPONSIBILITY. They feed and clothe us…and in exchange we respect them for what they are; if they are pets, they are loved, fed, Vetted, and taught to live with us…they are animals…baldwinwolf said it best…the food chain.

Frankly, I’d rather hang out with animals…I can trust them to do what they will do…but I have never lost site of who is who…


Answer #7

I do not know that scientists have proven that the recent cave skull, in the past decade, is not possible evidence of divine intervention. I think that it remains a possibility since further evidence linking that skull to evolutionary knowledge has not been identified. Also relatively recently, 95% of scientists have indicated that they do not give God the benefit of the doubt in creation. This is their responsibility to remaining pragmatists so that further evidence can be studied in relation to evolution. So humans have the choice to ignore the religious teachings of Christianity that promotes this civilisation furhter that the previous 135 civilisations, and therein choose to behave like animals without a soul to care for since that is all we can hope to take out of this world. The rest is up to you to evaluate in relation to your own life and beliefs.

Answer #8

jazlovestoskate, yea but you should still try not to put animals and plants over people and there feelings. =/

Answer #9

Yes I am agree with you.It’s very true that even the animals have feelings,In my opinion animals are much more better than us (human being).People in the ancient days used to be vegetarian. I think only rakshas (vampires)eats non veg.So all the human beings who kill animals and eat them are rakshas only.I wish some day animal could kill them brutally, in the same way.When some terrorist kills people we feel sad about it, Cant we think about ourselves?Arent we terrorist too?Just to have a good meal we kill them? Nowhere it is written that non veg food is compulsory.Lots of diseases are spreading due to non veg food..I wish it wudnt stop, At least after that people will stop eating the poor animals.

Answer #10

well, animal are unequal to humans. no one is the same, humans to humans or humans to animal, or animals to animals. but I understand what you are saying. we treat animals like they don’t have feelings, like they don’t have lives, like they’re really dead on the inside. it’s very wrong and I wish people can understand that. if there was a way to spread that to the world and make them understand I would so go for that chance, I love animals and they all need to be treated more fairly.

Answer #11

cause people are stupid.

P.s. I don’t like desperatlynervous’ answer.

Answer #12

I believe that we do have a responsibility for animals. With houses going up all over the place I believe there should be lands set aside for them. In my area, there arnt many predators, so I also think that its our responsibility to keep the population to a number that the land can support. This is why I am a hunter. The licenses that I purchase are used to buy lands and state parks so that the animals have a place to go. I also help keep the population under control so that the land that is set aside for them and can support them so they wont starve and run into the streets and cities looking for food. My responsibility is also to take only what I need so I wont cut the population down so far that they are unable to recover.

This hunting season I bagged a deer and I am also thankful for the food the deer provided me.

Answer #13

the idea that human beings are superior is something which originated with the “creation myth”.

I believe that animals simply are- as we (humans) simply are.

there are laws of nature that dictate predator and prey relationships- altering this balance upsets ‘survival of the fittest” and allows weakness to be passed on genetically.

I accept my role within the laws of nature- I am a predator, I help maintain balance and feed myself by hunting.

I also love animals, and would like to see them respected more, but as a fellow animal, I will continue to hunt.

I also have witnessed animals with personalities, I have seen them think something through before doing it- I have also witnessed saddness from an animal in regards to another, as well as compassion, love, self sacrifice- etc. because they are not in the same category as us does not mean they are any less worthy to be among us. or any less deserving of respect.

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