Why do people think testing on animals is wrong?

I dont think that testing one animals is right but what else are they going to test on. They arnt going to test on people so what else do they have to test on.

Answer #1

this is another option http://funadvice.com/r/3kc2ajkmmc Animal testing is horrible, they put bleach in animals eyes just to see what will happen, they do absolutely horrible things, and the animals cant do anything about it. How is that right even in the slightest?

Answer #2

This is a touchy subject to me seeing as how my father has cancer and alot of the medicines that have kept him alice were tested on humans and animals. I hate to say it - but to me a person who has a family, wife, kids, etc. is more important to me than some lab rats or animals. I do however wish there were better ways but unfortnatly there are still some things that have to be tested on animals to see what will happen.

Answer #3

See now testing things like that I think are perfectly fine, but when it comes to make up, shampoos, lotions, bleach’s, things like that I find it wrong.

Answer #4

because it could hurt the animals and I care about animals!!

Answer #5

To me anything that involves hurting an animal I think is terrible and wrong. I’m sure they’re are better things they can do than hurt innocent animals. I think they should have as much rights as we do and it hurts me knowing there are heartless people out there who do these kind of things. It’s the same way with fur and what people do to kill animals to get it

Answer #6

its not really heartless people testing these products. Scientists and reaserchs are testing them, i mean i guess you can say that they are heartless but its not just people off the street testing on animals.

Answer #7

i dont think iits right to do any of that but what else are they gonna test on

Answer #8

Have you heard the things they do to test on these animals? Of course it’s heartless. Those people deserve to have the same thing happen to them then they’d see what it feels like

Answer #9

Did you not read the link? See heres the thing testing on animals isn’t going to make the products any safer, if you get bleach in your eye just cause they tested it on animals isn’t going to make it any less dangerous. They can test on people, the products we have in our house are strickly tested on people.

Answer #10

well, its considered animal cruelty. they breed certain animals like pigs and rate just to kill them and experiment on them. even medications that can cure things can cause horrible side effects, and the animal lives a life of pain and suffering. on one hand its benificial to humans, but to the animals its not. i mean would you like to know your reason of living is to die in a cage and be experiment on with god knows what? its not a good life. they could test on people, but then again, that can go against human rights. so really its difficult to find soemthing to test on. i personally think there would be people willing to volunteer for these things, wether there would be enough people though, probably not

Answer #11

There is necessary testing done…and then there is some really funky a**ed reasons for testing on animals (cosmetic testing for one).

There are few things in this world that are black and white…animal testing has it’s merits…and it has abusers…


Answer #12

O.OI think they should olny test medicines because it’s necessary,…but this make up testing is just worng.I bet you wouldn’t want anyone testing make up bleachs lotions and all this other crap on you. And the animals that get tested on aren’t even well took’n care off. Were taking advantage for things that aren’t even imortant.

Answer #13

reprogrammed stem cells are a good tool for in vitro studies, but the fact is, cells behave differently in culture so there is still a need for in vivo studies. I think you would be surprised at how well lab animals are treated, atleast in the biomedical sciences. Anything that causes the animal pain is highly unlikely to be approved by the ethics commitees. Testing products such as makeup on the other hand is a different story. Completely unnecessary if you ask me

Answer #14

Well, I am currently a post-grad science student and carrying out research into stroke treatment, which does involve the use of animals. Baby mice to be specific. I dont like that animals have to die for what I am researching, but I think the benefit that could come from this study is worth it. Yes, I kill baby mice, but what is most people’s reaction to having mice in their house? How is what I am doing any worse than that? The animals in our facility are extremely well taken care of, and we take every possible measure to ensure they never feel any pain. Infact, they are as happy here as they are anywhere else, they are warm all year around and very well feed. Also, everyone who works with them feels very privilaged to do so, and treat the animals with a great deal of respect. Every person in the department has a much greater appreciation for these animals then anyone else I have ever encountered.

Answer #15

Well it seems where you work you guys treat the animals better and don’t go to the extreme like what other people do to test on animals which is good. Feel kinda sorry for the baby mice though. I’m one of those people who aren’t afraid of mice or rats at all like some people. But I think if there should be animal testing they should at least do what your facility does and take better care of the animals

Answer #16

well i didnt read the link so ya and Danielle that make a lot of sense.

Answer #17

i agree with you!

Answer #18

well testing make-up on animals is wrong but medicine is kinda nessery

Answer #19

I have heard that cultured human cells are being used more commonly though for cosmetic testing now though, which is great

Answer #20

YESSSSS…..I wouldn’t them testing on my Hamtser,Taco! My poor baby XD

Answer #21

testers should try those tests on themselves and then see what it is REALLY like!. like on that movie POWDER….when he took that hunters hand and put it on the deer that he shot and had HIM FEEL WHAT THE DEER FELT, yah! he ain’t EVER huntng again! animals shouldn’t have to suffer!

Answer #22

what do they do in cosmetic testing that is so bad

Answer #23

It just is very bad .They put all these chemicals on the poor baby or grown animals and they suffer until they die .

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