Why do people like torturing animals?

Okay…I don’t have pets…but I really appreciate them and know I am responsible for taking care of them on this planet… Uhh but I don’t understand why some people torture animals…what do they get out of it?

My cousins …umm…she likes cutting up frogs and once she threw a whole live rat in a blender…I know im so sorryy…it’s bit graphic but trust me you get used to it after awhile…umm…I’ve only seen kids like kick a dog or a cat but why do people enjoy seeing and hearing painful reactions from an animal? IS there something they get out of it?if so what is it?

Answer #1

it’s okay ty I understand the message…I’ll work on it…

Answer #2

I’m not. But it does have me worried? I mean, how long has she been doing this for?

Answer #3

some people are f**ked up in the head

Answer #4

once she threw a whole live rat in a blender…

0__0 Wow, thats just cruel!!! I think your cousins needs help…

Answer #5

some people are just a lil sick is why,but wow that is just wrong. did your cousin say why she likes doing this?? the only thing that omes to mind is maybe she’s a vampire??? lol srry. does she drink the blood?

Answer #6

We are the dominent species on earth. We are powerful, and We can help ourselves. But creatures such as dogs, cats, rats, fish, frogs you name it are small and weak compared to us.

Our Species is cruel and arrogant and we like to hurt those that are helpless.

And animals get the blunt end of that.

And How old is your cousin? Isn’t that the first sign of a serial killer?

Answer #7

she’s my age 22..we are like sisters we live together…dont go calling people serial killers pls…she’s just strange…she’ll snap out of it one day…

Answer #8

Well, it’s almost an animal instinct, the strong bully the weak, that sort of thing. So, we torture smaller animals to feel like we have some sort of control/power over things…some of us anyway. As for your cousin, she might just be a little on the sadistic side (I have friends who’re on their twenties but still try kicking a cat when they see one, now imagine if they could get a hold of a cat when they’re bored, they’d probably do worse), but as long as she doesn’t decide to act sadistically to another human being she’ll be fine…though I can’t promise that.

Answer #9

‘she’ll snap out of it one day’ uhm she’s not a 3 year old pulling off butterfly wings

as for we’re the dominant species and the strong bully the weak, given that most people do not go around cutting up or blending other animals, I dont think that argument washes. People may be stupid and kick at animals but there’s a line here, and cutting up and blending animals crosses that line to something beyond the norm.

Yes, the harming of animals is actually quite common among psychopaths. Not that anyone is calling her a psychopath.

And why do people like that, uhm the only time I’ve actually heard about it, is in relation to sociopaths. People who do not feel empathy. So it’s not like they feel bad about it. Either way, I think it is quite disturbing. But I cannot explain it.

Answer #10

Not all people who torture animals are going to be serial killers…however, all serials killers tortured animals before they moved on (up) to humans.

You cousin has something going on in her head…and I find it VERY disturbing…makes ya wonder how she’d treat a child…a helpless, “unable to fight for self” baby…

It surprises me how many here answered with it’s “no biggie”…when in fact it’s out and out sick in my book.


Answer #11

You need to distance yourself from your cousin. She is a very bad person. Someone who enjoys watching other living creatures suffer. What creatures is she going to stop at? Will it be any creature she can overpower? Like children? She is desensitizing you to these things, so if she continues to do these things you will not surprised. So you will be used to it and think it’s normal. Which means one day if she is doing to a bigger animal and at the last minute she needs your help, you might actually help her. Then the next time she might ask you to help her at the beginning. When you are used to working together, you can now help her in planning. Which means you can now take on bigger animals - like people. When you get caught she will outsmart you and say you’re the one who did it, or agree to testify against you first so you will be the one who will end up on death row or sentenced to life without parole.

Now consider another scenario, she has another “close friend” who she gets to help her in this way, who does she have easy access to - YOU, you could end up like the rat she put in the blender.

Understand this and get it through your skull - your cousin is not normal, she is a very bad person, especially at her age when she is an adult who should know right from wrong. I hope she does not have any children.

Think! You need to be able to look ahead a bit and guess where different situations you’re in might end up. Stop being an idiot and get away from your cousin now. Also you should report her actions to a local animal shelter or the ASPCA, they will be able to give you advice on what to do. Remember, Michael Vick went to prison for 2 years. Cruelty to animals is no joke.

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