Why do people do Drugs?

no, not medicine, you know what I mean!! but why? and why do people think they’re good for you cause there’s nothing good about them?

Answer #1

Peer pressure, they think it’s cool, they want to impress somebody, they’re depressed, lonely, upset, angry, or just because they’re bored. People are really stupid for doing that. People are not only physically, but mentally killing their body when they do that.

Answer #2

cause its apparently “cool”

which it isnt =/

just neh.

oh, and peer pressure possibly?

my “friends” (not anymore) took drugs for attention. =/


Answer #3

Huh? Good you say? it kills brain cells and gives you diseases? if bad enough, you can’t even what you remember what you did the night before!! what is that going to accomplish?! can you tell me? when you were a kid, did you do drugs to have fun? if so, you have abusive parents, if not, then you should realize drugs can’t make you happy. how are they good? tell me!! and going to another world that seems to be heaven is not one, cause that’s the brain cells that are dying giving you the wrong feeling and message. so what’s good about it?

Answer #4

[I don’t do drugs] because it’s away they think they can escape reality

want to seem cool

most people do why not

don’t care about there health

… thats why

Answer #5

People do drugs to get away from the real world. Or at least thats what I’ve heard. I wouldnt know personally because, lets face it, I dont do drugs and dont have any intention of doing drugs. And as for your next question…What? Can you phrase that so I can understand it, onegai shimasu?

Answer #6

Your question seems more like you are trying to find moral reasurance than an actual answer. You just want people to pat you on the back and say “well done you are not a smack head”. Pick anything and there will be someone argueing that it’s not good for you. Road accidents kill more people than drugs do; vehicals aren’t any good for us either. Should everyone stop driving? I’m not saying that we should all go inject some heroin I’m merely suggesting we all concern ourselves with our own business. You are not a doctor where do you get off telling me what is and isn’t good for me?

Answer #7

I think maybe we won :)

Answer #8

because its fun and it makes you loopy and weird feeling. its like a fun rollercoaster ride

Answer #9

it’s not nice to mess up your body over stuff like that. Agree? you’ll regret it or die from it later. o.O

Answer #10

its the peer pressure and family influenced. and after time, its the body that wants it and its harder to get out of it

Answer #11

And also you say that you can tell I’m “guilty” of taking drugs because I think there are good points about them. Well surely my opinion having actually experianced and found that there is something good about them is far more valid and expert than yours is as you live in a bubble of self rightousness? Having never tried it how can you say there is nothing good about it?

Answer #12

I think maybe someone’s a bit annoyed because her friends didn’t offer her a go on the bong. Gutted, darling.

Do you really think your pathetic attempts at preaching are going to change anybody’s mind about drugs?

The statistics that you’ll have regarding the use of illegal substances will be messed up anyway seeing as there is no way for the government to know how many people have taken/are taking drugs. You rarely hear about the cases where people have taken drugs and haven’t died or become addicted or even regretted it because taking drugs is illegal and so not many people would come forwards and broadcast it for fear of getting arrested.

Answer #13

I don’t believe that tbh. I want to know exactly where you are finding those stats. Logic says if we banned cars then drunk people wouldn’t be able to drive in them? Also as I’m 15; unable to legally drive in the UK where I live I highly doubt I am guilty of drink driving ta. What facts exactly am I meant to be facing here? People that do this sort of thing really frustrate me. You are too close minded for this to even be considered a discussion. You created this question merely to lecture.

Answer #14

do you know why there are more car accidents? Alcohol!! Drunk drivers!! if you can’t find a way to agree cause there REALLY is nothing good about it, then I can tell you’re probably guilty and wish you never did them. I’m not saying you ARE that way, I said probably. face the facts cause it’s proven.

Answer #15

Do you drink alcohol?

If yes, then you will understand that after a while it gets boring so people go out searching for new highs. It’s nice to lose yourself.

If no, then you won’t understand.

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