Why do people care more about homeless dogs than homeless people?

Admit it. If you see a homeless dog you find who’s owner it is and if you can’t find it you beg your parents if you can keep it or you give it to someone who will take good care of it. But when you see homeless people on the road asking for a little money most are quick to turn their heads and make stereotypes. I’m not saying all, I’m saying most. It’s not like most people are likely to take a homeless man into their house and give it something to eat, something to drink, maybe offer a little hospitality or at least call someone who will. That very rarely happens. It’s so sad. There are 4-6 times more animal shelters than homeless people shelters. Why is that?

Answer #1

lets see, all humans are about me me me. Humans are the greatest race on the planet, let it be about us us us.

Pets > humans

Answer #2

oh, and there are over 9 million dogs/cats in shelters each year, is that not the results of humans?!!

Answer #3

because dogs cant do anything by them self to get a home now people can work idc who you are you can get a crappy lil job at walmart or sumthin dogs cant

Answer #4

well I help homeless people mostly the ones with dogs I helped getting their pets s/n food and water for people and animal and well I give them supplies they will need like clothes, blankets, umbrellas, dog bows, doggie clothes stuff they need I this only if the homeless person really cares about their dog and try to keep them healthy but yeah even if they dont have pets I still help I cant stand seeing a person in need while I have everything and they dont it makes me really sad!!

so yeah I help out as much as I can you know!! :)

Answer #5

hobos can go on ssi if they have disorders and look up benifits.gov they even have a thing where they will give you a house if your homeless.its easy go to the welfare office if your a hobo sign some pappers get ssi then apply for the house thing.and they can get mail if they dont have an address you know what I mean.there is no excuss for being homeless,if your a person.just direct them to the nearest welfare office.animals dont have a choice we are there voice,people are not killed for being homeless like animals are…

Answer #6

because homeless animals cant do nearly as much as a homeless person can to survive. it the humans fault hes on the street but the animal probably didnt know what he was doing when he left his home

Answer #7

animals have innocence they don’t understand what’s going on, they’re just scared and want to go home. and if you bring a homeless dog home with you. I don’t think you’d be worrying if they’re going to kill you all night. :) (L)

Answer #8

In america, homeless dogs can’t help it. Homeless people can.

Answer #9

Humans find a way to get food, but dogs dont have thumbs!

Answer #10

why is this hobo post under pets

Answer #11

because animals are more helpless then people in the modern world, they can’t read maps or street signs and they don’t know where the animal shelters are. They can’t reason and say “oh the animal shelter is four blocks from here… I think I’ll take main it’s faster…” people are more capable of helping themselves then the animals are. I understand animals have instincts and things like that… but they don’t always know what’s safe. People can take themselves to a homeless shelter, they can ask for help, they can seek refuge in a church… they can go inside a fast food restaraunt to keep cool, or get warm… they can drink out of water fountains… and they can find work.

Answer #12

In reply to Whiskey’s comment, did you know that more human death are caused by domesticated dogs in one year than the same of Lions in 20 years?

Dogs don’t let people down? There’s thousands of reports that don’t make it to the media where dogs start eating their owners who are “dying” and unable to call for help. If the dog is hungry, it will consume its “owner”, if not then it’s actually an extraordinary case. Stop being so blind and open your eyes. HOMELESS people DO NOT usually put themselves in that situation. As I’ve said already there are homeless and there are legally declared homeless. Imagine, you’re an autistic child, kicked out on the streets by your parents, and you’re homeless.. Do you then help the child because of that? I bet you would…

Do you understand that your post is as flawed as humanity itself? For example, you’ve put large portion of the human race down, yet you fail to see that dogs function in a similar level to humans? Social and culture are just different, but still existent. Dogs let DOGs down, DOGS let people down. See the logic there now?

Rethink your post first before you make another reply. You’re just thinking lopsided, you need to work on that before many people will even consider your post sensible. Until then it’s just a little “dogs are sooo innocent” in disguise. Maybe you can say that to the families who have lost a child, or partner to a dog that just “snapped”. They do, they sometimes get jealous, they sometimes kill babies to keep their “owners” (such a lame word) attention. It happens, more than you think. Nice doggy, eh?

Answer #13

cause animals are cute

Answer #14

Yeah, but there are some people with disorders and financial issues that they can’t control. Like many people who have the disorder where they halucinate are homeless, because they can’t distinguish the difference between reality and fantasy. It’s not their fault, do they deserve to suffer?

And yes, of course it’s easier to help animals than people, but since when was our job on earth to make the easier choices? Nobody said making the right choice is easy, but if nobody does then what will happen?

Doesn’t it disturb you that there are over 4 times more animal shelters than people shelters? Just because it’s easier to help an animal?

Answer #15

because people are heartless. sometimes I wish I had the money of a famous celebrity. if I did, I’d open up the biggest shelter ever; large enough to fit every homeless person in America. maybe that’ll happen one day. it doesn’t matter; that’s one of my biggest dreams is to help them. people, stop being so judegemental, and melt those stone hearts.

Answer #16

homeless people usually have done something wrong for that to happen homeless dogs dont unless it was like a mean owner who htought it was wrong

Answer #17

Well, personally, I think that dogs deserve homes just as much as humans do. But I think people care a good amount for homeless people. I donate things to them all the time.

Answer #18

Homeless people don’t get euthanized if they can’t find a home.

Answer #19

I think its because an animal cant help being homeless wheras a person can. urmmm plus animals you can feel more sorrier for and they dont seem a huge threat as a hobo with a knife lol sorry for being blunt lol

Answer #20

Yes, but you are being very stereotypical. Drinks and Smoking and Drugs is 5th on the list of why people become homeless/what made them homeless. People don’t feel comfortable providing hospitality to a homeless man at any cause which is wrong that a person is more willing to help a dog (even though I love dogs) than a fellow human! Isn’t that offensive to you?

Answer #21

homeless dogs are cute homeless people?…not so much

Answer #22

because dogs are cuter than humans…

Answer #23

I’m just the opposite, actually. I don’t take in stray dogs, and I give this one homeless guy some money every time I see him, provided I have some on me.

Often you can spare some change, and chances are they won’t buy beer, cigarettes, or drugs, they’ll buy some food that’s not from the bottom of a smelly garbage can. However, if they do buy beer, cigarettes, or drugs, what’s it to you? You don’t seem to care enough to give ‘em a buck or less in the off chance he’ll buy beer, cigarettes, or drugs, so in the off chance he does, what’s it matter that some smelly, old, dirty, good-for-nothin’ nobody’s getting drunk/cancer/jacked up?

But it’s your money. Do whatever.

Answer #24

“If they are in the streets, they gave up on themselves. “

This is utter bs. I bet you’ve never experienced being homeless before, therefor you have no right to even conclude anything.

People like you look down on homeless people because you’re too ignorant to see outside the box. I was homeless for 5 years and I was forced that way. Kicked out on the streets in a city I did not know, with no social skills at all. Did you KNOW that most homeless people are actually people that were released with mental issues? I know I was. I couldn’t even talk to people I have no way speak verbally. I have several medical conditions so going to a homeless shelter was ridiculous as I couldn’t stay there more than 30 minutes. Getting meals was also not that easy.

What decisions did I make to be put in that situation? Oh, I got ill, I was sent to hospital, then released years later still “sick” and they expected me to just sort everything out on my own.

Or how about the situation before that where I was in Syria and had to deal with all sorts of things over there. I was homeless for months at a time with another group of people due to our homes being taken from us.

The same subject is on suicide. Most people who kill themselves don’t actually want to die, they just can’t see any other possible way out. Most losers who call people “lazy” when they’re “homeless” wouldn’t even last 1 day on the streets without running back to Mommy and Daddy.

There are homeless people and there are PEOPLE that are declared homeless by the Government. Get your facts straight first! They are different and the ones you are talking about are DECLARED homeless, but aren’t actually homeless. Those people ARE lazy, but us who have actually been truly homeless it’s extremely difficult to get by, especially if you have severely impacted social skills to begin with.

Answer #25

Honestly, humans can speak for themselves. Animals don’t have a voice, that’s why we have to be it for them! Oh, should I mention that a lot a homeless PEOPLE are more deserving to be euthanized than those dogs that are being killed every day?

Answer #26

Dear baseball246,

Homeless people don’t always become homeless because of something they’ve done. Not all people have the same education opportunities as others, and some are just born into sticky situations like poverty, domestic abuse, and many other things. But at the same time, sometimes they just screwed up their life and stopped caring. Thats when its their fault.

And about homeless pets vs. people. That is such an interesting question. I mean yeah its sad that dogs and cats are abused and mistreated by people and they didnt do anyhing to deserve it… no one deserves that. But I can see where we need to start thinking about helping people a little bit more. I mean when we halp people, and those people can get better, then more people will be healthier, and more inspired to help the rest of the world. Sometimes you have to help yourself before you can lend a hand out to others.

Answer #27

LOL Ok, learn some ecology and try not to spam when you can fit that all in 1 post.

And this line means nothing to me “you seriously sound mental here”, as I already stated I was dropped from a mental institution and dumped on the streets with no care or solution to my mental illness.

Answer #28

“mrmadcat” ~~ are you mad because this question is about dogs and not cats? you seriously sound mental here. dogs are overpopulated due to people! duh. it’s a no-brainer, you are arguing a point that doesn’t exist. I suggest you get YOUR facts straight and say your thoughts outloud before you write them down… PEOPLE are at FAULT, not the DOGS!!

Answer #29

That’s simple. Homeless dogs don’t have a choice in where they are born, what they are born into, etc. Much like a child, but adult homeless people have a much greater chance for survival than a dog. Not even the same catagory. People should remember that dogs are domesticated, people are the root of their homelessness.

Answer #30

I have a cat that showed up at my front door one day. He is my best friend. You are right, we do care more about homeless animals. Why, because they can’t help themselves. A homeless person can. Some people like being homeless, no responsibilities. I gave a homeless person $20 a few weeks ago. He was selling drawings of heaven. Pretty cool. I told him where the nearest shelter was. He said he didn’t like going there.

Answer #31


I have to agree, that it is pretty ridiculous that we have 4-6 times more animal shelters than we do have homeless shelters. But I think much of that has to do with how much cheaper it is to run an animal shelter. (Employees tend to be volunteers; the food is MUCH cheaper; there are no expensive pieces of furniture; very little electricity needed.)

And in regards to putting a homeless individual in one’s home. I would never do that. Not because I don’t care. But because I care about my possesssions, a human has free will and you can generally control the actions of a dog.

And I disagree that people generally care about dogs than people. I just think people look at animals as being helpless, where homeless people are percieved as having the ability to get a job and home, but choose not to do the work necessary.

Answer #32

Seems to me, that some homeless people and 100% of homeless animials have been let down by PEOPLE somewhere along the line…The government mandated that the mentally ill be released before they were ready (cheaper, they said)…but some are there by choice or bad choices. The animals didn’t get a chance to make a bad choice…or any choice.

I spent 7 years on the streets (by choice), and people gave me money…when I see someone in need, and I got money, I give it to them before they even ask…My time on the streets, however, does keep me cautious about “inviting them home”…that’s risky business!

A homeless animal, however, can come home with me anytime!…many have…and I’ve found homes for hundreds…driven thousands of miles transporting them…We as humans are obligated to care for those who cannot care for themselves…that’s SOME people and ALL animals.

Don’t compare Lions and dogs…if there were MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of Lions living in houses, rubbing elbows with humans everyday…hundreds, probably thousands of people would be killed by them every year…Dogs kill 20 people a year, which as horrible as it is, is still a good statistic in a “per capita sense”…horses and cows kill more humans a year.


Answer #33

Gumguy you down play the “animal” ability to adapt and survive. Human’s aren’t as capable of survival as you may think they are.

Answer #34

mabe because humans can get a job and dogs cant and they get picked ^ by the pound and … killed ( if they dont get adopted)

Answer #35

This is getting bizarre. Yes, occasionally a starving dog will eat its owner after the owner dies and no one comes to check on him/her. You forget in many countries people farm dogs for eating. People eat dogs by the thousands. At any rate, deaths due to dog attacks is likely what you were referring to and in most cases the attack is attributable to a bad person, not a bad dog. I stand by my previous comment: People are crummy, dogs are great.

Answer #36

Dogs are just more worthy creatures than people. They deserve help because someone let them down. The only reason they are in the situation they’re in is because some douchebag couldn’t take care of it. People are cruel, manipulative, deceitful and vindictive. People let people down. People let dogs down. Dogs don’t let people down.

Answer #37

Homeless pets have no control over their environment or circumstance…generally they are the victim of thoughtless humans!!! Homeless humans are often homeless because they choose to be - or at least because they choose not to follow the rules that society requires of them. Even those who have fallen upon dire circumstances have done so out of sheer lack of planning on their part. We do have shelters for those types and from my experience, these individuals take advantage of the homeless shelters and assistance offered them. Humans have so much more control (choice) over their destiny than do animals…this is why I have a very soft spot in my heart for all animals and their homeless situation.

Answer #38

Homeless pets have no control over their environment or circumstance…generally they are the victim of thoughtless humans!!! Homeless humans are often homeless because they choose to be - or at least because they choose not to follow the rules that society requires of them. Even those who have fallen upon dire circumstances have done so out of sheer lack of planning on their part. We do have shelters for those types and from my experience, these individuals take advantage of the homeless shelters and assistance offered them. Humans have so much more control (choice) over their destiny than do animals…this is why I have a very soft spot in my heart for all animals and their homeless situation.

Answer #39

I used to live in a neighborhood where a gathering of homeless people could be found every 10 meters. I offered them my lunch from time to time, and sometimes I wanted to strike a conversation with them. The thing is they smelled really bad and I didn’t really want to touch them. I reckon it was the best for all of us. I didn’t want to look like I cared about them but then refused to shake their hands.

However, I have always questioned people who treat animals better than they treat humans, who would spend WAY too much money on their pet. I can’t stand seeing the phrase “animal beautician.” Seriously now, what the f*ck.

Answer #40

People are capable of taking care of themselves. If they are in the streets, they gave up on themselves. They are there because of the decisions they made.

Dogs are animals, kept in the world of humans for companionship. If they are strays, it is due to the cruelty of a human.

Answer #41

I love animals and I always take care of the ones I find that are abandoned if I’m able. These creatures can’t help the state they are in and are often solely dependent on humans for their care.

People, on the other hand, do have choices. Some people have put themselves in that state. Not all, some. I can’t very well walk up to someone and say, “Excuse me, did you drink yourself into homelessness?” As a female who mostly lives alone, that would be quite dangerous.

I also don’t see many homeless people where I live. I do meet some underpriviledged ones from time to time and I give them food, furniture, etc. - whatever I can to help them out. But I don’t take needless risks.

I don’t think I “care more” about animals but perhaps it’s easier and safer for me to help them.

Answer #42

Some are dangerous. Some use your money to buy a 12-pack or cigarretes.

I do my part and donate to thrift stores and stuff, but I dont feel like I have to give them my hard earned money. And I did try to give a guy some snacks and things and he told me he would rather have KFC! I would be very happy if someone gave me something to eat, and be grateful for just that!

Answer #43

Some homeless people do have mental problems. One beggar I declined to help acted like he was going to attack me. In general I avoid eye contact and move on.

I will admit to helping homeless people a few times. One thing I fear is that they are alcoholics or drug addicts and the money I give them is causing them more harm than good. A couple of times when homeless people asked me for money for food and I was near a fast food restaurant instead of giving them money I’d offer to buy them a meal.

Answer #44

HAHA. Well, I would say because homeless animals are so much cuter that homeless people! …hopefully you’d agree with me with that. and some of those homeless people are dangerous. where I used to live there was this old homeless guy who lived a few blocks away from my house. he asked me for money and I gave him a dollar. then later I noticed that he bought beer with my money and the money he saved up from other people. then he got really drunk and threw a bottle at some old lady. I never gave him money ever again.

Answer #45

One reason there are more animal shelters than homeless shelters is that unspayed animals can have dozens of little ones each year, whereas people who are homeless are often homeless for a short period of time. Also, people surrender animals to shelters more casually than people go homeless. Ususally, there are social services other than shelters where homeless people can find help and get back into housing.

Answer #46

I feel that people care more about homeless dogs/animals because animals do not have control over weather there going to live in a loving home or not.cause it is what it is but a person is different cause a person has a choice to be out on the streets or try to seek help

Answer #47

NOTE: not all homeless people could help the fact that they became homeless…trust me I know

Answer #48

My Mom Asked The Same Question The Other Day But There’s Curtain People Who Help Th eAnimals And Certain People Whou Help The The People :p Like Those Santas On The Conrnner Of Blocks :3 But The ASPCA Helps Animals SO Yeeaahh

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