Tornado watch???!!!

Ok I am litterly afraid of rain and thunder. the stupid national weather service issued tornado watch!!! where in the world can I absolutly go??? is my house safe??? I live in a duplex. where can I go???

Answer #1

(in the event of tornadoes public utilities may be damaged. You will need clean water to drink

Answer #2

do I detect sarcasm?

Answer #3

We live in a tornado zone. Watches happen all the time. An internal room (one without a wall to the outside), a room without windows, a closet, basement, bathroom, under a kitchen table… A watch simply means that the conditions are right. You don’t need to start to prepare until it gets to a Warning- that means funnel clouds have started forming. You’re fine for now, so the best thing you can do is to tune into the weather service and to relax. If you get to Warning, I would do simple things like fill up the bathtub for drinking water, shut doors to rooms with windows, and tell the kids in your neighborhood to go home and tell their parents to turn on the weather channel because you’re under a tornado warning. For now- relax. :)

Answer #4

no you do not detect sarcasim. it is just that I dont know what the bathtub water thing means

Answer #5

oh that totally makes since!!! ( not sarcastic) I will do that next time.

Answer #6

umm thanks a lot

Answer #7

I would think the basement?

We don’t have tornadoes here, so I can’t really say, but that seems the most logical place to me.

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