How do you convince your dad to get a puppy?

I really want a puppy. I have a lot of other animals but I want a puppy. My mom says ok but my dad wont agree. I reseach a lot about dogs too.I aready know what kind I want but he wont let me .please help

Answer #1

You might want to make that your wish on Birthdays and Christmas..all you can do is try..Good luck !!

Answer #2

Well yooh can tell yur dad dat u really want a puppy nd dat yooh can take good care of da dog. tell him dat yur responsibe nd yooh handle eveything

Answer #3

behave dont get in any trouble,be responcible and dont argue,show in someway that you can take care of your own animal,what my brother did was pay for everything like the dog food and toys and shots and all that

Answer #4

dog sit and show them you can take cre of it and if your dad dont agree then there is two things beg or tell him you can feed it bathe it and pick up after it

Answer #5

pick up a lot more chores around the house. this is the best way to show responsibility, and you will need the practice for when you have to pick up dog poop several times a day.

Answer #6

if you show your reponsible it works!

Answer #7

hey im nikki and I’ve been wanting a puppy since I was 6 ten years have gone by im 15,I still dont have a puppy. I’ve done everything from asking on bdays x-mas I even made posters and put them all over the house. im responsible,get good grades im always home besides im not the only child so my sister gets half the work and I get the other half I’ve been waiting for one my whole life. im even giving up all I have just to get one. I gave up my cell phone,ps2,ipod,and tv that shows how desperate I am. but I havent given up just try and try again.

Answer #8

Men tend to like the idea of something that serves a practical ‘purpose’. I can’t promise miracles of course, but I would say it is a good idea to start emphasizing to your father the security benefits of having a dog, (men are very into protecting the family and safeguarding the home against break- ins) -or maybe you could explain that terriers are tremendous ‘ratters’. If he grows vegetables in a garden, draw attention to the fact that terriers are known to be great at catching rabbits too. Gardeners HATE having their preciously nurtured veg destroyed by bunnies! If fitness is important to him, you could also suggest that a dog is a great way to keep in shape as it has to be walked. I think you get the general idea.

I think it would also be a good idea to notice when your Dad is at his most agreeable and relaxed before discussing the matter in future. It will probably be after a good meal and maybe a glass of wine, or maybe when his team have just won an important soccer game for example. Perhaps you could strike some kind of deal with him such as if you wash and valet his car regularly for a given length of time or do more than your usual share of errands, he will let you have a dog at the end.

Maybe you could arrange for a friend to bring their pet dog around one day and then butter- your dad- up- a- bit -by saying things like “Aaaah look, he really seems to like you”, or “You’re lucky, you have a natural way with dogs” (o.k. maybe a bit more subtle than that) but just make sure it’s a dog you can rely on to play the part, -the last thing you want is for it to sink it’s teeth into your dad’s leg- I think you could safely say that dogs would be a closed subject after that!

Answer #9

tell your parents that a puppy is all you think about. 1:show signs of sadness 2:do all your homework and get good grades 3:do not give him the cold shoulder

Answer #10

OHMYGOD! The exact same thing is happening to me. But I don’t have a lot of pets. My mom agrees and my dad says no. I really want one! My dad is very strict. I’ve been researching about dogs for weeks! I know what I want, I found some that haven’t been adopted yet, and I really want one. HELP!

Answer #11

make a roster saying when you’d do all the work like picking up after it, taking it for walks, feeding it, etc. also include spaces for homework and “play” (if you have spare time after all your chores, dog things, schoolwork it might impress him)show your dad the roster and how it would work! it worked for my friend who tried it so why not you?!

Answer #12

Omfg my dad said that he would get me a dog 4 christmas guess what of course he didnt! And he also said on the 25th of feb he might get me a dog but everyday he says we aint getting a dog and youll be very disapointed on thursday when theres no dog omggg he makes me crazy ahhh its just a dog Please help me!

Answer #13

I want the same thing, only my dad says we do not have enough money, but this dog is small and do not need a lot of food, but he still won’t let me, I love this dog more than anything else in the world, he gave the dog to my aunt, a says I can visit anytime I want but know two facts, 1: neither of my parents will feel like taking me, a 2: it is not the same, when you visit a dog, and have one sleeping at your feet at night, I fee very sorry for this dog, because she has been tossed from house to house, first someone dumped her in the road, then my neighbors found her and took care of hr for a while, then my neighbors, did not want her, and threatened to send her to the pound, then my family took her in for a coupe of days, and now, she, is living with my aunt who is like 50 years old,she is a puppy, and she needs to play, my aunt has another dog, who is older, and does not play constantly, I believe this pup needs kids to play with her, not an adult who is at works all day. What am trying to say is that, when someone makes up they’re mind, you need actual luck, to change it. And odds are, you might never change it. Men are stubborn, and they think they know best, but most of the time they don’t. You can try as hard as you can, but nobody here should give you any guarantees. Try to get your mom to talk to him about it, my mom is trying to hep me, but knowing her and my dad, I might never get that puppy. But do not give up hope, you need to have faith.And with that, you can succeed. Like they say, if you have the faith of a tiny mustard seed, you can move mountains.

                            ~ Lone Wolf
Answer #14

im the same my mum said yes to a dog but my dad says no. keep on hinting ask why u cant get a dog tell them why it would be good for the family. i clean my hamster and look after my cats well so they know im responsible. go and take your um n dad to your local kennals and explain how u would help look after it!

do not whine though!!!

Answer #15

You have to write a persusive paragraph and then they learn the qualitities the dog has to offer. But also don’t push him because then your chance is more unlikley

Answer #16

haha. be responsible..(if that dont work) i got a puppy by a gift from my bf. he knew i wanted one so badly, he bought me one for xmas and gave it to me infront of the rents. about 10minutes later they were both in love w/ the shes 9mths old and still part of the family..and the responsible part..well that happens occassionally. they love like a

Answer #17

Well, I have done this before and it works you first have to show him that you are responsible enough to take care of a dog for example find someone you know that has a dog ask him or her to let You borrow there dog for a week to show your dad you can, BUT you actually have to be ready to take care of it not just do it for a month than decide to quit thing. another thing you could try…start helping out around the house WITHOUT BEING ASKED dished taking out the trash cleaning all that and then ask him again and if he says no… try the sympathy card but be patient it may take a while for him to say yes if he does but make sure your read why to have a dog!

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