Is a pitbull stronger then a staffordshire bull terrier

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I would proberly think pit bull but we had a staffy and he was so adorable. There not all what peole make them out to be, I think the bad press is harsh. We looked after one that bit a postman once and his blood was all over our path :(

Staffy lock there jaws dont they. dont know whether pitbulls do.

im undecided

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Firstly, Staffies have a much broader head than pitbulls, thus enabling a stronger bite-force. The smallest difference in the head size of a dog can drastically affect bite-force. Pound for pound aswell I would say that staffies are the stronger dogs. A 50 lbs staff vs a 50 lbs pit in a tug of war would be interesting, but id put my money on the staffie. Obviously a 50lbs staff vs one of todays super-sized 100 lbs pits would be a no-contest.

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NO dog "locks it's jaws" may appear that they can, but it's because of the immense strength in the jaw itself...

Staffies are an AKC recognized breed...while Pitbulls are not. Satties have to adhere to a "standard", size, weight, temperment...Pits do not...The strength of each would make it difficult to assess by breed alone, it'd have to be one dog competing with another...


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Pit has the strongest bit force and second to that is a rottie.

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I sure would not want to find out. Why don't you google it or check it out at the local library. I would say the Pit. But I honestly do not know. Are we talking jaw or body strength?

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every single human know that pitbulls are the strongest dogs in the world thats why pitbulls are band in uk new zeland and so cause if other dog in any size or agresion tryes to go for a fight with pitbull the other dog will definitely be injured really tomuch or dead as I know pitbulls cause there not band in my country and one more thing the buggest pitbulls you all see is only like 25 cm high but in my country they up tp 65 cm and thats a big and strong pitbull staffyes are fighters cause I know I have staffy and a pitbull but staffy is lot smaller then a full breed pitbull and not quick enough like pitbull and lock jaws oh got pitbull have 450 kg when he lock the jaws so think and dont post comments like this about staffys they little dog whitch shouldt be breed to fight and thats what everyone done in many years past they breed something stronger and bigger cause staffys wasnt to good in fights they breed a kiling machine whitch won them a milions staffys are fighters but only against yorkishrteriere and the maximum they can fight and win is bullterrier but not pitbull he own every single dog his the strongest so keep on mind pitbull are the strongest pitbull pride & respect!!!

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pitbull pride your an idiot for 1 pit bulls and staffys DO NOT have lock jaw, its pounds of pressure, its like when you make a fist and you squeese as hard as you can for a long time and then try to open your hand youll find it hard to do.
this is because of the pressure you have used to close you hand and how hard you have squose the muscles tighten causing a lock type effect
pitbulls staffys can have up to 3500 lb of pressure depending on muscle or jaw size
2 pitbulls and staffy breeds were originally bred to protect farmers from there bulls when it can time to bring them in from the fields go to youtube and search for (dog saves man from bull ) thats the TRUE reason for there abilitys and strength THEY ARE NOT BORN KILLING MACHINES only the STUPID HUMANS they unfortunally come in contact with our the REALL MONSTERS WHO TRAIN THEM THAT WAY

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a pure bred pitball actully weights between 16-21kg and has a max height of 20inches,and yes bull part in there name is to do with the bulls but the pit part of the name is because when the staffies were favored by the farmers, they used PITBULLS to catch RATS.yes rats and that was all that was put in a pit with them,as there considered to have a high prey drive and go for anything smaller then themselves.all these bigger pits are not true pits and anyone who breds to fight there dogs needs to sort it out,THATS ANIMAL CRULTEY

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well I was wondering this today looking up the most strong/vicious dogs because me and my friend wanted to know, and apparently pitbulls are #1. and I think that (nt sure) pitbulls are sum way related too staffies, I have a staffie myself and has quiet a powerfull bite but I still think pitbulls are more powerfull

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