which do you think is the best way to disipline: spanking or time

I dont belive in time out. it never works. I was popped when I was little and still get get popped sometimes. I think its a good way to teach right from wrong. I just dont think atime out will really work on an out of line 13 year old. lol maybe a pop up side the head maybe. lol what do yall think is better?

Answer #1

being a 13 year old myself I think the most effective thing for me would be to take something away from me, perhaps a physical object like a games console (I have a wii :) ) or maybe just grounding me. persistence is always good, don’t give empty ‘threats’

Answer #2

my mom slapped and spanked me a couple of times when I was younger(she felt really bad about it)which made me think when I was six when your mad at someone the way to get back at theme is to hit them and then when I got mad at her when I was six I would slap her to. she then relized I was mimcking her so she started to grown me and put me in time out then I stoped hitting people and when I got mad a them I would yell really loud and tell them to sit in a corner and they would do it. so I would say timeout is best

Answer #3

Time out should be the form of punishment with the length being determined by age and severity of offense.

Think about it. To a young child, when you spank them, you are taking away their security that YOU are their protector. You are saying that “I can love you and make you feel good but I can also hurt you whenever I want.”

A child grows up with more respect for you when it has never had the privilege of feeling pain instigated by you. There are enough other people in the world who don’t mind giving your child pain. You are your children’s sanctuary from harm and their relationship with you should not be based upon fear of pain/harm from YOU.

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Answer #4

I was never spanked as a teenager. Well, I kind of need to take that back, my mother would slap me across the face when I was mouthy or something. She gave firm discipline towards me. I don’t agree with spanking a 13 year old. You should just send your kid to his or her room or ground them. Time out doesn’t work for some kids but, if you feel like giving your kid allot of discipline, just give them a pop every once in a great while. So, no, spanking won’t work especially with teenagers.

Answer #5

embarrese dem and tak way der cel phone also take way der privlages also keep dem in der room and make them study sumtn borng like math only spank them when dey get fresh wit you and start yellin

Answer #6

just put them in there room and take everything fun out of it. so there super bored and cant do anythign until they leanred to behave you cant spank a 13 year old??!!!
especially kids these dayss!!! maybe when they were younger but not at 13 ..10 is the age you should stop spanking

Answer #7

Lol, this question is interesting, we just did an article about it in class.

Here’s the data if anyone’s interested 74% of parents use spanking (17 and under) 94% of parents use spanking for kids 3-4 Spanking frequently is positively related to aggression (no causality can be drawn though) Effect of spanking may be moderated by meaning child ascribes to spanking Immediate compliance follows corporal punishment Age moderates the outcome of spanking - detrimental effects more likely with older children (over 10) Effects may be different for girls and boys Reasoning (explain what was wrong with their behavior) combined with punishment leads to longer compliance Association between corporal punishment and antisocial behavior are high with impulsive spanking

Answer #8

I accept a spank (not beating the crap or palming the poor kid), time out isnt as effective as it may sound because you can time out the kid and after like say an hour he gets everything back, it wont help, I do also agree on ichibanarky, yes firm discipline is a good way but you must understand some people dont know HOW… as for teens, I myself have respected my parents (up too a certain degree) but im a quiet kinda person and I have been beaten and spanked as a kid (I mean seriously bruised) but that didnt make me lose respect for my parents, but it didnt help either.

Answer #9

Why would you say “no” so many times? That’s bound to create trouble!

You say it once - if they persist, you walk them to their rooms and that’s where they stay for a predetermined amount of time.

If you do it this way from early on, you won’t have problems with disrespectful teens - because they will respect you!

If you “slap the crap out of them”, that’s abuse, and you can face criminal charges for doing it.

Answer #10

If your 13 year old is out of line, then something went wrong years before in your child-rearing. Maybe all that spanking didn’t get you anywhere.

I have a 15 year old, a 13 year old and a 10 year old. I have never spanked any of them. They were raised with firm discipline, but never corporal punishment. They’re all good kids, and they know the meaning of respect - because I raised them with respect.

Answer #11

Well, I was never hit when I was I kid and now im a total brat, but I think spanking sometimes, but not all of the time

Answer #12

I don’t think spanking is effective - my dad hit me when I was younger and I think about it all the time because I remember how his hand print would be embedded in my skin for days. I think the best discipline is taking away things from the kid that they love, like their favorite toy.

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