Is it possible to put yourself up for adoption?

I hate my family I hate my life I want to start out new and fresh...I'm 13 and about to run away but I know it's too dangerous then I thought about parents would NEVER agree with me on this so can I put myself up for adoption...please answer fast I want out of here!!!

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You can call the social services, depending on how bad your life at home is, they'd put you in a foster home. Think it through, maybe you can work it out between you and your parents.

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Right. Teens do not get adopted. If you were to go into the system, you'd probably end up in foster care or a group home and then age out of the system. And no, you cannot put yourself up for adoption. If you are being abused, you can call social services. Note, having strict parents is not abuse. They'd have to be verbally, physically or sexually harming you.

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If your parents abuse you (physically or emotionally) or you have an abusive sibling you can call social services (just look them up in your area's phone book or online) and you can request to be put into foster care and adopted out.

But you have to have had an unsafe life. Just 'not liking your family' will not be enough to be adopted out.

Maybe you should give them a chance, they have fed you, clothed you, sent you to school.

That's more than half of the world gets.

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Actually, it's spelled "emancipation" did you emancipate yourself without spelling it properly, bisexual_emo?

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ok relax ... dude there is a way you can get outa there its callled imasipation in other words you devorce your parents I did it

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look i understand it can be hard sometimes and your family may drive you crazy and make you feel sad but you've got to think do you really want a life with out them and to never see them again and think about all the good times with them and if you left would you miss them i know exactly what your going through so just stay positive and if their really getting to much to the point were your thinking suicidal thoughts then you should get out of there but don't try and get out of there if your just mad at them trust me you'll regret it i do.

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