What's it like living in the UK?

I’ve always wanted to live in the UK but I live in cold a*ss boring Canada. The UK seems so cool like the accents and the bulidings and the schools anyways whats it really like in the UK?

Answer #1

Hi overit, England is a gd place, Im british and lived there for 18yrs untill I moved to canada 3 years ago with my family, there are a lot of differences, ie the weather is sooo diff well you know the canadaian weather lol hot in summer cold in winter, well in uk you do get a lot of rain, im in ottawa and had loads of rain this summer and it was like the uk weather, the winter you generally get a few cms of snow I guess depends on the area I lived in cambridge bout and hr away from london the temp rarely goes below -5 unlike here you get -40 lol the summers arent as hot but still gd bout 20-25 over the summer months.

The culture is quit diff to, the food is diff fish and chips is not the same in canada, the food isnt as processed as it is in canada sweets and candy are way better in the uk lol in cambridge I found there was enough to do, shopping cinemas bowling alleys pubs and clubs general stuff, you have beaches on the coasts but the sea isnt as clean as canada but you do have the amusements that were grt fun when on hols, the colleges are grt I went to one of the cambridge colleges, compared to canada it is expensive to live there personally I dont want to move back there think canada is awesome lol. One of the best things bout uk though is the comedy I watch so many british comedys here that I watched in the uk and got all my canadian friends into them. Before making a decsion to move I suggest a visit first I got on a plane for the first time to move here I wish id visited but never had chance move was pretty quick my dad had been out here though told us bout it, he got a job out here and hed been to states many times too so he knew what it was like. I hope this might help in someway I know its a big post but cause I’ve done the move but otherway round thought it might help. Kerry

PS For you guys who live in the uk and think its cold I tell ya know it aint lol

Answer #2

I have been living in the UK (Scotland) for 6 very long years, brits think Florida IS America, To any americans thinking of living here, dont! you will lose ALL the luxuries you have gotten accustomed to,even the small things. do research and ask tons of questions from an american that lives here, there are many.

Answer #3

we are in darkness 24 hours a day. and it rains piss

Answer #4

Oh, by the way little_miss_corrie, the reason why American TV classes London or England as ‘Britain’ is because roughly 84% of the population is English and London is the capital of Britain. But you’re right, there are loads of different accents in Scotland and England too. (:

Answer #5

Definitely cold. I live in London and I don’t think there’s loads to do. Buildings? haha, which. Schools - warning you have to wear a uniform. I can’t really comment about the accents. A lot of people imagine people in the UK to have posh queen-like accents but it’s all different around the UK. Here in London you either get the chavs (innit man, like omg yeah, haha) or people with not a posh accent exactly but anyone outside of UK would think of it as typical british. It’s also extremely multi-cultural here in London (I don’t know anyone who is 100% english in London) so there are a lot of foreign accents. I don’t know what you imagine it to be like here but all I can say about here is there’s terrible hygeine (litter and bird crap everywhere) but the shopping is good (exensive, but good). I guess if it’s all new to you then you wouldn’t find it boring but you would definitely be disappointed in many ways.

Answer #6

in the uk its fun - 2 me and my mate’s we enjoy it here, there is lot to do in the day and the night lol xx

Answer #7

Cold, rainy, overcast weather… riddled with chavs in the urbanized parts of almost every city. It’s quite overcrowded too and some of the laws here are ridiculous. For example, you get fined a lot of money for overfilling a bin. And they don’t really make British citizens first priority these days either. Also, employment is difficult to find these days.

Saying that, it’s decent enough. We get free health care (although dentists are usually fully booked), we get free education until we’re 18 years old. We have good universities and colleges, amazing scenery in most parts of England. And people can either be really friendly and gregarious, or hostile and moody.

Answer #8

I live in great yarmouth wich is in uk its boring but if you was here ud always want to go back to canada x

Answer #9

I love London and I think it’s amazing. There is so much to do and if you get sick of all the crowds, traffic etc then you stick on the suburbs - go into town when you want to. I honestly wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.


Answer #10

I was born and bred in Londinium good ole town the Romans left behind. I still have sites to visit living here all my life I have taken advantage o it. We don’t have the weather we used to due to global warming

Answer #11

I live on the south coast of england, the warmest part (haha). Ok it can be lovely in the summer, but it can also be windy and raining - thats the thing with british weather…its so unpredictable. Its expensive here, we have to pay stupid amounts of tax which go to those fat idiots in government, or the illegal immigrants which we just let in, or lazy people who cant be bothered to work. - yes thats right a fair percentage of my wages each month goes to some low life chavvy scum who had a kid at 14 and cant be bothered to work. I have to travel 20 miles to chichester or go to brighton (13 miles?) for something to do as there is nothing to do where I live.

Answer #12

I don’t think it’s colder than Canada! We have the Gulf Stream to keep us warm (at the moment, anyway) so we don’t get the snowy winters that Canada does. (Yes, we do get some snow, but what we call a ‘blizzard’ is apparantly what Canadians call a ‘light flurry’.)

I have several British friends who have decided to emigrate to Canada over the last 10 years. They admire your lifestyle and your politics and your beautiful country. Some parents I know think their kids are going to get a better deal in Canadian schools if they are dyslexic, for example.

But there are some great things about Britain. Some of the big cities are very exciting and multi-cultural, the TV is good (compared to the rest of the world) the country is small and easy to get around but very varied and beautiful.

One thing you probably wouldn’t like is that it’s a very crowded island. Canada is so big that you have more space to spread out. In England, particularly, people are very squashed together and we keep having problems with noisy neighbours etc.

Answer #13

wel its like FREEZING all year round even in the summer at times lol but erm the only place I would suggest in the UK to live in is London becuase thats really the only palce where u’l have fun!..I live in London and its realy fun theres a lot of stuff to do if you know your way around. they have liek the best clubs and great places to shop, but its really expensive here tho…but with the accent everyone in london uses INIT at the end of every sentence even me its kinda of a habbit lol..n its not only chavs hu use it. but no1 really has a posh accent in london, like most of the people use slang, I’m from east london so we use east london slang.

you wont really see any real british person in London becuase every one in London is a foreigner, were all from different parts of the world..but the majority is Indians and other Asians and also a lot of East Europeans, American and them Aussies but no1 really likes them lol…but I guess its all good though..how Canada?

Answer #14


I’m Scottish. No offence to you, but I hate like on American tv and films and stuff and they go on about London or England as if that is just Britain. There are 4 countries in Britain, not one!!! Scotland alone has hundereds of different accents, just as America does.

Sometimes I wish I was American, but really…I quite like being Scottish. Sure, Most of the time it’s not very sunny, but if you’ve lived here all your life you don’t notice.

Answer #15

Buy the film Kiddulthood of ebay chip your dvd player watch it then ull think twice about wanting to live sorry didnt mean to be rude im trying all I can to get out of this country I h8 it so much

Answer #16

well “lil princess 4 lyf” off out of the country then, no one is asking you to stay here! I hate it when people moan about how crap the UK is, I much rather live here than any other European place…yes we get high taxes and weather, but why keep going on about it?, any one who complains is like those annoyin old people on buses! I totally agree with ash7990, yep thats the reality of life in general here. There are a lot worser places to live, trust me

Answer #17

I love england!!

Theres lots to do you just need to no the right places!!

2007 was a bad year tho for good weather :(

Answer #18

come live in the us where its warm as crap .. especially texas .. it s awsome


Answer #19

it’s cold and to me it’s boring in the uk they is nothing a lot of things to do in the day are the night.

Answer #20

all it does is p*ssing rain and its full of chavs!!

Answer #21

rains a lot but its a cool place 2 live

Answer #22

its rubbish and cold and boring -x-

Answer #23

I Live in the UK and it is pretty cool but it rains a lot


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