What is it like to live in Turkey?

I just got back from a holiday there and it was immense. The entertainers at the hotel I stayed at seem to really love their jobs and they come from all over - like one of them was originally from Swansea and another from Scotland. I just wondered if anyone knew anything about living and working there like on a gap year? :)

Answer #1

tbh im not the buggets fab of thatt country since they attacked my country and killed alot of our ppl O_O

Answer #2

I had a teacher from turkey and she got fired b/c no one could understand her! lol

Answer #3

It would clearly be different than the country you are currently living in. Each country is different in one way or another. Turkey is a bit less accepting of ‘differences of thought and beliefs”, so you will need take that into account. Also, being a female, your rights may be different as well, but I an not sure. I am judging from afar. You should try traveling there and stay a few weeks before you decide you really want to go there. I was there for a couple of days, but I was not treated like a local, so I can not give you anymore facts than I already have. Perhaps you should do some reseach on their culture and practices. Woodshill

Answer #4

See a lot of people could say that about a lot of places. America has killed A LOT of japaneese and many others. Germans killed A LOT of jews and many other people. Just because a country did something bad doesnt mean it’s a bad country or that they have bad people.

Answer #5

That entirely depends on what region in Turkey you live in. The Bosporus City Istanbul is not different from any other European metropolises. I know someone who lived there for half a year. The Tourist places on the coast are also rather western.

But there are rural, lonesome areas in east Turkey where people don’t have the living standards that western Turkey has. The rural Turkish population is also said to be much more aligned with rather archaic traditions, especially regarding family role models.

In general, the Turkish state is modernizing. Some state institutions, though, will not be what you are used to from your home. You will possibly find that any contact with authorities is enervating.

Answer #6

??? When did Turkey attack UK ???

Answer #7

I stayed in Marmaris and that’s where I’d be thinking of returning to

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