What are the major contrasts between living in Canada vs living in the UK?

I’ve been in the UK many times and worked with the RAF while in the USAF many years ago, and met lots of great folks. I’ve never took the time to learn what the relationship between the two geographically distant locations is all about and how connected they really are. How does it work? I hope to hear from a Canadian or two as well as some British folks. Thanks

Answer #1

Well in Canada, it depends on where you live. If you live in the city, it’s quite busy. Every morning on the highways massive traffic, usually people going to work have to drive long distances and it takes forever because of the traffic. The subway is always packed haha. If you live IN the city, you will get the night life, clubs, bars, parties etc. If you live away from the city it’s quieter. I live away from the city, we have a few small malls, some plazas. We get tons of traffic as well, but things are definitely slower than the city. We have some large fields of nothing while in the city all you see are buildings and malls. The airi s also much fresher in the rural parts, obviously! I find that when you live away from the city or even in rural areas, the people are much nicer :). Sometimes when walking in the morning, random people will say good morning to you, talk to you etc. In the city, a lot of times, people are too busy for that although I have still met a lot of friendly people there. I’d say generally people are friendly here. I’d say that the people here are treated well as well. Our minimum wage is higher than a lot of people, retired and elderly are able to get a lot of help, our healthcare is amazing. One bad thing is how high our tax is, 13%. I work in a store and sometimes you get foreigners who are amazed at how much more they have to pay because of the tax. Generally, I love living in Canada, I immigrated here from Hong Kong when I was 1 but been back to visit once, and I have to say people here, are SO much nicer and living and life style here is much better.

Answer #2

There’s CANADIANNS IN CANADAAA:D Mwahaha, and moose. [: Theres none in Uk, ):

Answer #3

Distances, I guess. In the UK you can get almost everywhere on foot or with public transports. In Canada - at least in the more lonely parts - you don’t even get to visit your neighbor without a car. :-)

In the UK, you have a channel between you and the annoying folks from the south. In Canada you don’t.

Answer #4

Take courage:Where I live, taxes are much much higher…

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