Who likes rain as much as I do:D?

I just love it.. Everyone thinks I’m nuts because I get so happy when it’s cold and cloudy… and if it rains…it’s like Christmas! :D I could be having the worst day, and if it’s raining or even just overcast, my mood switches.. Is that odd? :)

Answer #1

I love the rain! its so much fun being outside when its raining. =)

Answer #2

I used to but not as much anymore since this flood that had happened last year

Answer #3

OMFG MEE TOOO!!! Yay!!! x_x :)

Answer #4

Lol. No its not odd. I love the rain, but I dont like the cold. Rain is fun and calming in my opinion.

Answer #5

youre not alone. I love the rain. I love being in it especially during the night. makes me feel alive =]

Answer #6

Must be your inclination, suppose you enjoy it indoors, or did you get a pretty pink raincoat and cap and made-in-Hong Kong umbrella like I did as a little girl? By the way have you ever gone carrying bags weighing some 33 kg in stages for some kilometers in rain? With a blind, old father wanting to keep up fitness and show it to his daughter holding your arm? Or gone home ten kilometers in wet mud and pouring rain? And did you know the rain refreshes then, and makes one feel one overcomes.

Answer #7

lmao I love rain it makes mfe calm and strangley excited lol yeah your def. not alone but lets just hope your not the kind that gets turned on by rain lol…there are some people lol

Answer #8

I love the rain, too!! ^^ Maybe not as much to your extent, but I love it tons!!

But you know what’s almost even better?? Cloudy-ish, Windy-ish days. ^^

Answer #9

No that is not at all odd, frankly speaking I love people who like to get completely drench off during heavy rain. and I m a real lover of monsoon ya although a bit trouble we face but I just love dark clouds, drizzle, showers, dull and gloomy, its all just so ROMANTIC. Nice to hear you love this too.

Answer #10

I love rain (drizzle to be exact) when im at home and staring at my window. I dont like it when im outside because I’ll get wet and my shoes will go squishy LOL unless I want to ‘play’ on the rain with others LOL

Answer #11

lol ima guy and I love rain. I love da cold 4 sum reason and I love streaking when it rains haha but its all good I also love kissin in da rain :)

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