Why doesn't my 22-month-old son want to sleep in his room?

for past week or so he doesnt want to be in his room to sleep he wants us to be with him in his toddler bed or in our bed. when we close his door he crys and crys for like 30 mins to hour if we let him… today we found him lying by his door with his blanket with him sleeping… I dont know what to do.. he doesnt want to sleep anymore.. he fights it.. he always has ever since he was born. but now it is gettin worse.

please help… I hoped I exlained that ok for you guys to understand

Answer #1

I think that you should sleep with him..there is nothign wrong in him wanttignt o be near his parents..I mean you like to sleep with you husband don;t you it is the compfort that he is seeking. I know he is almost two but still there is nothing worng with him sleeping in your room still..What worked for me ( when I was little) my parents got me a dog and the dog slept in my room with me.

Answer #2

my son yousta do that to when he got his todler bed because he can get out he thinks hes alloud you just need to keep putting him back in his bed and dont give init might take a few nights for him to get yousta it but it worked for my sont hes 2 1/2 the only problem is when hes sick I want him in my room so I can keep an eye on him and he wants to go to his own bed

Answer #3

Sorry to be so late for this thread but I seem to have missed it when it was active.

Anyway, I am a big fan of cosleeping. Just let your kid sleep with you. In nature you don’t see chimps make their little ones sleep in another tree. You might as well make sleep time bonding time with your child. Of course when kids first come home from the hospital it isn’t safe to sleep in an adult bed since adult beds and pillows are too soft and can smother a baby. We had a bastinet that could be pushed right up to the bed so our daughter could safely sleep near mom until she could sleep between us without danger..

My neighbors down the street were complete wrecks because their daughter would cry all night long. They never even heard of cosleeping; they like most Americans think that kids had to sleep another room. The day after we told them how well cosleeping worked out for us we saw a furnature truck at their house. They were getting a king size bed because their queen was a bit small for the 3 of them. After their daughter started sleeping with them she immediately started sleeping through the night and her parents got their first full night’s sleep in months.

In most of the world toddlers sleep with their parents. America is the only country where this is controversial.

I haven’t had any trouble having enough “quality time” with my wife. Toddlers do fall asleep and since they sleep 10-12 hours there is plenty of time for intimacy after your child nodds off.

To me it seems perfectly natural for toddlers to sleep with their parents. Just go with what is natural.

Answer #4

put a pacifier in his mouth and rock him to sleep no matter how bad he fights it thats what I did with my son hes a year old.

Answer #5

in my opinion, I think that’s common in almost every household at that age - the crying and fighting sleep - not easy but he must learn ‘his nite-nite room’ and ‘mom and dads’ - may take a few days but he’ll accept - might try some kind of safe toy distraction to stay with him…I wish you the best !!

Answer #6

I think he might be getting attached to you, or something. Maybe he has bad dreams..

I usually didn’t want to sleep when I was little because I was having too much fun before I went to bed. And children are usually very active at that age. That’s all I can guess…

Answer #7

Keep reinforcing the fact it’s sleep time, he will obviously cry if he’s fighting it…after 30 mins comfort him, make sure he isn’t in complete darkness, and extend the time when you comfort him again…it can be a long process. He may have been scared by something…so just keep reassuring him. Its all about routine, and preparation for bed, like reading to him, etc. But as previously mentioned, it’s very common at his age…Good luck!!!

Answer #8

Dear sunset227, If you have allowed him to sleep in your bed then as he gets older and wiser he realizes what he must do to achieve this goal. So the tantrum may be just that a tantrum to get back into your bed. If your child is sick and wants to sleep with you…you don’t allow this you go to his bed and sleep with him. If he is not sick and wants to sleep with you…again do not allow this. Crying for 30 min. to get your attention is fine. Always remember to monitor him so he isn’t making himself sick. Some parents make a fatal mistake of allowing a child to sleep with them. This is not conducive to a happy marriage and can even be detrimental to your child. He is just doing what children do…trying to make you cave and get his own way. Sue…good luck

Answer #9

Put a pacifier in his mouth?!? And what if the kid never used a pacifier?

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