My 10 month old only wants to drink his bottle at night, HELP?!?

My ten month old son is too active and only wants to eat at night. During the day I have to lay him in his crib in order for him to eat, (ever since he was 4 months old he didn’t want to be carried when he ate, only laying down). I’ve tried making the room dark so that he could lay down and eat, but he ends up falling asleep causing him to not want to sleep at night. He drinks water and juice out of his sippy cup but he won’t drink the milk. Any ideas on how I can make him eat during the day and not every 2 hours at night? I need sleep!!

Answer #1

I also have a 10 month old who just recently decided that she wants to stay up all night also. She takes really good naps during the day, but screams at night. For about 2 weeks we let her just cry it out. As much as it hurt, it helped so much. We figured out that she just got used to eating during the night, and she didn’t actually need it. I of course will quietly check on her when she is crying to make sure nothing is wrong. But now she is finally sleeping through the night!! Yay! As long as I feed her lots of cereal at night and give her a bottle before she goes to sleep, she sleeps great. It was horrible for about 2 weeks though, its not easy to hear your child cry.

Answer #2

If I were you I would try NutriPals, it’s sold in like every grocery store, It’s a childrens drink found around the formula and stuff (usually) and they come in diffrent flavors and packed full of vitamins… Good Stuff my 3 kids love them :0)

Answer #3

A Dr. might know more

Suggestion…Just don’t give it to him. My son got really attached to his cup and the tv at night, so in order to put an end to it you just have to stop giving it to him at night. Believe me he WILL cry, but he will eventually learn that you are not going to give it to him at night anymore. It is going to be hard for you to do that, but just try it. Good luck :)

Answer #4

well… a doctor would know more but from what I know with my little sisters they love milk but did you try heating the milk up or serving it cold? that MIGHT help I don’t know but ask your childs doctor and see what solution he or she can come up with good luck :)

Answer #5

Wow some of the advice given breaks my heart. A ten month old is not manipulating you. They need to be loved, attended to and not left to cry it out!! In this society we are the ones that want the baby to sleep through the night, that doesn’t mean it is developmentally appropriate- in fact it is not!! I did the cry it out, deny method with my daughter, and luckily she is fine. I have since changed my ways and practice attachment parenting with my son,now 11 months old. I have never left him to cry it out, if you are going against your instincts you probably are doing the wrong thing for your baby! What you are doing is learning to ignore and become numb to your baby’s cues. My son is well attached, actually sleeps through the night, and knows if he needs us we will be there. These are babies we are talking about, their crys are their ways of communicating their needs, when you let them cry it out, you are teaching them that their crys are useless- their only form of communication is not valuable, you are in essence breaking trust. I highly recommend Dr. Sears Baby Book and book on attachment parenting. Babies may need some love during the night, sucking is a calming instinct,instead of a bottle, or nursing, at least hold them and comfort them, what in the world is wrong with that? I guess it is just inconvenient for parents, and that is really sad. It is not easy to hear your child cry, it is not supposed to be, you should pay attention to your mothering insticts at all times, regardless of what any doctor, book, guru etc says!! It is there for a purpose. to develop attachment and trust that is vital for healthy growth and developement.

Answer #6

At 10 months hold is stomach is able to hold enough before bed to get him through the night. If HE CHOOSES not to drink it before bed then you should let him cry it out (this will be very hard), but eventually he will realize that he won’t be gettting it. Before he goes to sleep why don’t you try sitting him in his bed…with the lights on…and reading to him while he’s drinking it. Or better yet sit on the couch of floor with him and read to him while he drinks it. This might relax him enough to let him drink it. By the time my youngest was 9 months old she would not take a bottle after 6 pm. She slept all night…from 8 pm till 8 am. He wants it because you keep giving it to him. Kids will do anything to get attention and at 10 months he’s already learned.

Good luck and remember it only feels like your heart is ripping out from his cries. He will be fine and better for it. Stay strong this is only one of your first tests into motherhood.

Answer #7

Give him water in a sippy cup at night. Try the Nuby sippy cups with the soft nipples. Wake him up in the morning at an appropriate time you would want him to wake up. Keep him on his normal nap schedule. Sit him in his highchair with a few different options on what to eat. If he still isn’t interested in eating during the morning. Keep him in the highchair until a normal meal time would be over, playing peekaboo and whatever other games you normally play with him, so he can get used to normal meal times. The most important thing is to be consistant. He will adapt.

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