What's the single biggest improvement we can make to the site?

From time to time, I try extra hard (like now) to get feedback on how we’re doing, what we could improve, and your thoughts on what you’d like us to do.

Obviously, our groups feature is one of the many recent improvements we’ve made, as well as the new location page (click in the top link where it says “members near $city” and you’ll see a list of people on the site who are in your area.

It’s a start, and naturally, we’re not going to stop there - we want to become the best Q&A site around, and the be the most fun social network while we’re at it. So with that in mind: if we could make one improvement, just for you, what would it be?

Please don’t be shy - we LOVE feedback, and constantly need “validation” from the community. Thanks in advance for tossing in your two cents.

Answer #1

I notice a lot of questions are the same as previous questions.

How about if when some asks a question the software searches for earlier similar questions and offers them to the user. Then they would have the option to look over the previous questions and answers to see if they meet their needs before asking.

Answer #2

i dont no if you can do this but some sites hav sounds like when you type a message and put a sound at the end like laughing or something i dont no if you can but its just an idea.

Answer #3


You said that you were improving it right? That was in 2007 and still I think it is quite a dull colour scheme. please improve.

Answer #4

When I first came on this site my first thought was …boring …(till I actually took a look around) not becuause of the lay out, but the dull/pale colours used. I think making it a bit more vibrant wouldn’t hurt, something to make it stand out. Brighter/bolder colours, different fonts? I hope I am not coming across too critical. Would like to say thanks though for all you efforts.

Answer #5

Segregate age groups please.

Answer #6

Brighter colors - ok, we’ll work on that :) The mocks we have been working on include more bold color choices, which should help…

There must be more than one person who’d like to throw in their two cents. Please?

Answer #7

I love this site it has people who are realy friendly and i love how you people run things. Like skeedo said there needs to be more color wich im shure your doing all you can to make possabe. Is it possable that you could give us a voriety of backgrounds so we can costomize our own page im not shure if its possable or if its been done becaus i havent been here for long.do you think you could do that.

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