How is our site search, could we make it better?

Over the last year, we’ve used 3 different search engines on FunAdvice to make the results better. Each has had it’s own share of issues, and I’d like to know how you feel about it. We’re considering some upgrades, and before we do, it’d be good to know if it works today, or if you feel it’s broken.

Have you used our site search? Do you think it’s good, bad, or indifferent? Feedback here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Answer #1

It’s good. . . . .

I found this question. . .

Answer #2

:):) I’ve been doin good!! :):) everything that I needed to find I found it!!!

Answer #3

So far I’ve found everything I’ve searched for. But would love the option to further search titles versus text. Or rather, this is easier… optionally restrict the search to just look at titles?

Answer #4

I think it’s good.

Answer #5

I’ve noticed is when I search for something, the question tends to be really old thats at the top of the list, when I know there are more recent questions about it. It would make sence to me if the newer ones were at the top of the list. I don’t think its a big problem though, as long as you find what your looking for.

I also think maybe it would be good to look into seaching the title instead of the entire text. The people who change our titles for us to make the search engine work better, do a great job. So, I don’t really think its nessecary for the seach engine to search anything more then the title.

Don’t get me wrong - I love the search engine on here, because like ‘morbid’ said, it doesn’t re-route to google or anything like that. Which is awesome because when I search I like reading things just from FunAdvise. I just gave suggestions because you asked, either way, the search engine on here rocks.

Answer #6

The search engine is really great, but like stephanie says, the older questions sometimes come up on top, so a way to filter results based on how old it is would be great!

Answer #7

The search engine is great but it could use some more defined search options.

It would be really awesome if we could search for “questions only” and “ “answers only” and also search by “user” and by “date”(meaning oldest to newest or newest to oldest)

just my two cents!

xox Sika

Answer #8

Most site-related search engines usually reroute you to Google or something. I was quite surprised when funadvice’s search engine actually did what I wanted it to. Good job.

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