What else should I write him?

hey I just wanted to send a letter to my ex telling him how everyone will fall in love everyone makes mistakes and learns this life is to short for stuff like bullsh!t that even though I ended up hurt I won’t regret da day I met u, I wanna send him a letter like that so please help me tell me what else to write him, don’t tell me not send him anything because this is urgent, thx much

Answer #1

ohhh thx so much westfort that’s such a great idea thx a lot if you have more please tell me thx again

Answer #2

Im glad things are working out for you, See how different things can be when you let your guard down and put your heart out there, im proud of you for standing up for how you feel.

Answer #3

Im glad things are working out for you, See how different things can be when you let your guard down and put your heart out there, im proud of you for standing up for how you feel.

Answer #4

thank you so much, here can you add me to my yahoo behindmyeyes23 please I gotta talk to u

Answer #5

u know what? me reading your stories of how young you were when you first had your child made me feel so sorry sometimes kids bring joy to our lives but only if both real parents are there they will understand more stuff and as if for u, you started taking care if a child when you were 16 I guess you never got to enjoy your life so much just the way you want, and just hearin your story makes me wanna stay a virgin (because I am and I was intending to stay one till I get married people think it’s weird) till I get married, people should watch out too, I was never into drugs but I can tell you that I got adicted to taken pills I did that b/c I lost my ex the first one and now I finaly stopped, so now I have a boyfriend that controls me don’t let me talk to boys but he is so sweet I like him but I love my ex, he don’t know that if he does he will propably end up breaking up with me which is sad

Answer #6

ya now we are talking, online, thxxx so much, we havent gotten back buut we are talking which is better than nothing, I swear I thank you from all my heart

Answer #7

Hey , I was just wondering how things went with the letter you were writing, did you end up sending it to the guy, howd he respond?

Answer #8

Just be honest , you understand what has happened and obviously there was a fork in the road and he needed to take the best route for him & you understand that. You live & learn and somtimes in the process you get hurt but it only builds you and and makes you stronger and your thankful for the time you shared and the lessons youve learned and that you dont regret what you had and your holding your head up high and you’ll remember only the good times youve had & youve forgiven that times that werent so good.

Answer #9

Im glad I could help, I know its hard to let go of someone and to be let go of. People need to do whats right for them and sometimes its at the expence of others and thats shitty but you wouldnt want the person to lie to themselves and be miserable. When your young shit happens and thats just apart of growing up, hearts get broken but they mend & text time you’ll be that much stronger and sometimes deep in your own heart you know its for the best even though it doesnt seem like it at the moment. Theres a quote that is my fav in the entire world., it goes like this.. It takes a min to like someone, an hour to love someone & a life time to forget them. Its so true because that person will always hold a small part in your heart and you in theres.

Answer #10

that’s so true it’s been 2 years now and I still love him I just wanted to send him a letter describing al this I heard he still loves me but hesaid he wants to finish school that get a girl because I was his first and when we were togather he said all he can think about was me he failed his clases and his dad was upset so I guess he just waiting till school is over but I still got to snd him a letter on email tellin him how it is how I still love him you knowwhat I mean? so that’s what I’m trying to explain

Answer #11

I know exactly what you mean, I think hes brave more making the choice to be that responsible in choosing to get his education first and who knows maybe you guys will end up back together someday, & if that is the case be thankful that he made the choice to better himself and didnt try to put to much on his plate that could have resulted in you both having nothing, im sure that as a big step for him in having to choose between somthing he wanted and somthing he needed, that takes a lot of strength to know whats right. You need to let him know your proud of him although it took a toll on your love for him.

Answer #12

I will now that you helped me on what to write him can you tell me and show me how to start the letter how to end it how it should sound like? please I need it today I don’t want to send him a letter that at the end he goes like WTF because sometimes I can be misunderstood a lot.

Answer #13

I know years have passed and many thoughts and feelings have been exchanged but theres still a few things in my heart I feel need to be said “…right what you wanted” .. I want you to understand that I am so thankful for what we had and if sometime in the future we find one another again I will know that the fork in the road was just a detour & if time passes and we go astray remember you will always have a part of my heart.

Answer #14

awww you are such. good writer I thank from all my heart, anything I can repay you back with just tell me, because I been looking for help like this and there you go I got it, thx soo much

Answer #15

oh wow that jusmade me cry omg and you reminded me of my other ex the last thing he asked me was to stay friends and the last thing I did was block him off my list I felt so bad after 5 months I called him back but he changes his # his yahoo I don’t rememebr because I deleted him and my yahoo, wow now I feel so bad I wish there was a way where I can talk to him, it’s so sad to hear that

Answer #16

@ 24 years old I’ve had a fair amount of experience in letting people go and loosing people I wasnt ready to let go of. My first love I met @ 13 and he and I slept together and everything he meant so much to me but we faded apart,talked here and there,kinda stayed friend threw the years, I recall one convo we had and at the end I cut him off and told him I would call him back, I never ended up picking up the phone , 2 months later he passed awayits been , 5 years since he passed away , broke my heart, still hurts. Its important to say what needs to be said cause you never know if it will be the last thing you say to them

Answer #17

Yeah , anger gets the best out of people and then unfortunatly you realize to let that it wasnt worth it. I just recently found a friend of mine that I havent talked to in 7 years, we didnt really have a falling out just my x at the time didnt like me talking to other guys so I told him I couldnt talk to him anymore, sad thing was is we were just really good friends who met on the net and didnt have a thing or anything just enjoyed the convos, I searched for him for the last few years and 2 weeks ago I found him on facebook, I was so happy I almost cried and I said sorry to him for bailing on our friendship, weve caught up so much and im so thankful that we found our way back to one another, he’s such a good person to talk to and listen and I confieded in him so much before. .. if theres any advice I can say to you is truly hold what you have near and dont let things get to the point where you loose someone because you don’t know if you will ever get them back , people say all the time your better off and it was meant to be but in reality those people are there for a reason and whether you know it or not right now they are meant to be there. Lifes to short to go through life loosing people you care about, cause when there gone thats it, no going back.

Answer #18

Remember, when you say somthing to someone whether out of hurt or spite or anger you cant take it back, its out there, just like when you tell someone you love someone and you care about them, words are a powerful thing, use them wisely

Answer #19

wow I guess for you your life had been such an adventure you went through shyt and still handled it and at the end you got what you wanted, lucky you and I hope you enjoy your life with this 1 guy make the right choice and if you know he’s such a good guy spend the rest of your life with him make it worth waiting for that’s my intentions for now) thx for sharing sis

Answer #20

yeah I’ve gone through a lot, I’ve spent many years going through drugs, depression, I’ve lost more friends in the last 6years then I can count on my hands due to reckless actions. I have 3 kids, 1st one I had at 16 and the guy and I didnt stay together , we seperated for 6 years, mean while I started another relationship and went through hell for 5 years, I ended up leaving him and my sons father and I ended up back together and 2 years ago I had twins, weve now been together for almost three years but if gone through hell to say the least and I am so thankful for what I have now and I wish I knew the things I know now when I was younger cause I lost a lot of things in my path to self destruction. I hope you learn from the things I’ve said, even if youve learned one thing thats one thing to better your own life.

Answer #21

I’m glad you stayed strong 4 real no matter how much mistakes you did I look up to u, my goal is to never quit like you and enjoy my life and be thank ful, even though my boyfriend now is so controlling, and somettimes gets me mad haha, but thx for everything I’m realy looking up to u!

Answer #22

Yeah I made a lot of mistake but when I got pregnant I stood up and took responsibilty for my actions but I think its great that youve stayed true to yourself and thats somthin to be proud of. When I was 7 my parents split up and my dad left and I never saw him, when I was 10 my dad remarried as well as my mom to different people. when I was 13 I had a lot of issues and started a downward spirl into drugs and started having sex, by the time I was 16 I had more then 20 partners been pregnant twice, had 2 abortions and many suicide attempts, I was really messed up and I look back and I am so thankful I survived from myself, I live threw it and am so much stronger because of it. Its hard to be a teenager , I gave in and decided to go through it willing to do everything and everything, in reality a stronger person would have done everything and took every good oppertunity to make the right choices . I learned the hard way but in the end it all worked out, a lot of my friends werent so lucky , I’ve had to watch so many of my friends be laid to rest, at such a young age, its heartbreaking. I wouldnt wish my life style on anyone . now at the age of 24 I have a 7 yr old, 2 yr olds twins, a great boyfriend, a house, car dogs, and im finally happy, I took the road unpaved yes but learned all the way.

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