What of those is worse eating pork or drinking alcohol?

According to Muslim religion is it worse to eat pork or drink alcohol?

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"doesn't damage your body like alcohol"
It's been proven that taken in moderate amounts it helps your body. Look it up if you don't believe me.

There's a list in the bible of animals that are dirty to eat, and animals that are clean to eat. Pig is one of the animals that are unclean. There are some that believe to the extreme eating pork is a sin that they believe they'll be damned to hell for just touching pig meat.
There's religious drinking of Christ's blood(alcohol). There's plenty of incidents of people drinking in the bible.
I think eating pork would be worse.

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In my religion we believe against eating pork and alcohol as well. Both are seen as something not to do equally. we believe pork because of the rules in the Bible but now with what the hormones and treatment of animals for large production I don't think it's such a bad idea. Alcohol, well because of the effect it can have and the risk of becoming an alcoholic and just health reasons. They are both health reasons in my religion. I do not feel deprived since I do not eat or drink it. I do not think that I am better or healthier than anyone else either. It is just something I believe and not just because it is my religion. I hope that helps =)

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im not muslim but ill tell you that alcohal is worse. pork could be dirty or whatever but it doesnt damage your body like alcohal.

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...not sure, but I'm pretty sure you want to stay away from fermented pork.

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I'm not entirely sure whether it's a cultural thing or not, but the majority of Muslims dont eat pork. Many of them do drink alcohol. Whether it is according to the religion, well that depends on the interpretation I suppose.

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I am not very well versed in the Muslim religion, but from a philosophical standpoint, I would say that they would be equally bad. Both are forbidden, so neither is granted any more leniency than the other. "Forbidden" is an absolute term. No one thing can be more "forbidden" than another.

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Whats worse is missing out on the other foods that you can eat

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eating pork of course..its against the laws of G-d

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And people wonder why I have no religion at all

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There are certain circumstances where pork is permitted in Islam, either if it is force-fed or by eating pork to avoid starvation (no other choice), so not absolutely forbidden in the same way as alcohol. On that basis, id say choosing to drink alcohol is worse as there could never be a need for it to survive.

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